Friday, 29 July 2011

On this day 30 years ago............

the marriage took place between  Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer - or Diana, Princess of Wales as we came to know her. 

photo by Daily Mail

Do you remember the day and what you were doing? 

Diana was only 20, Charles 32 
a 12 year difference
but she looked as though she adored him and seemed very happy and we all hoped that the marriage would last forever.

Do you remember the dress? 

I couldn't wait to see it and I was so disappointed by the crushed crumpled meringue that she was wearing. 
I didn't like it at all but because Diana was wearing it
I suppose it grew on me, because she looked wonderful in everything that she wore and on that day in paticular she did look radiant, didn't she?

30 years ago today..............

Where does time go?
~ Fiona ~


Sherry Smyth said...

Time passes so quickly...and that dress is so dated to the time (I though it over the top myself). It was such an event, worldwide and I remember wondering why this beautiful young girl was so enamored of this staid man 12 years her senior. She was lovely in so many ways and he was...well..what he is. The fact that he ended up marrying the one he ought to have married in the first place all those years ago speaks volumes but he gave us Diana and gave her a world stage in which to shine.

Bouncin' Barb said...

I was hot and very pregnant at that time so yes I remember it well. I watched it on TV and thought then that he looked like a jerk and why she was marrying him. Wasn't too far off was I?

Lisa said...

At that time, I was so bad at getting up early, that I stayed up all night so I could begin watching the coverage at 5am!
As for her dress, I liked it, but it was certainly a mass of wrinkles when she got out of the carriage - it seemed to shake out after a while. I remember she got his names mixed up - the "Arthur George" part or something.

He really did her wrong.

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