Saturday, 9 June 2012

{a little bit of this and a little bit of that}

My goodness we certainly have some weather changes here in Ireland
you could never say it was boring
blue skies and sunshine one day and  pouring with rain the next!

 Monday's sky

H A P P  D A Y S

but later during the weekrain, rain and lots more rain
and what day did the  school pick to go
on their trip to County Wicklow?

Beautiful scenery but viewed through a haze of raindrops!

and later it got worse and we couldn't see the scenery at all!!

The field behind our house is so  PRETTY   at the moment
it is full of beautiful golden yellow buttercups which glisten
in both the sunshine and the rain!

This guy lives there
he isn't the friendliest or the prettiest
but he  is very nosey!

and finally, I have been challenged by the lovely Heidi 
 to tell you five random facts about myself
so here goes -
 *   when I met my husband it was love at first sight
something just clicked inside my heart
and hasn't stopped since
he made me laugh and still does....

*   I am  what style experts describe  as an "apple shape"
wide shoulders, slim hips and store my weight on my tummy
yep I'm a  jelly belly!

*   my favourite drink is  red wine
 and I love the glug glug sound it makes when poured into a glass
I like drinking it too
 oops maybe that is why I'm a jelly belly!!!!

*    I hate that my eyesight is going
once I hit 40 my eyesight started to go downhill
and I needed glasses for reading. 
 It makes me sad that I can't read without them....
plus I am always losing them
- couldn't find them on Friday
but low and behold I opened the dishwasher
and there they were having been through the wash
they were SPARKLING!!!

*  I adore shopping,
I love mooching around shops and picking up pretty things.
I even like food shopping and am a bit like Mister above
 as I look into other people's trolley's to see what they are buying!
blush, blush......

*   I love being a mum
it is what I do best
I met someone yesterday who told me
you are such a "mum"
but sure that's my job
and isn't it a privilege to have that job!

Oops that's 6 things!
another thing is that  I do get carried away at times!!!

I have to challenge 5 others now
but I am going to take the easy way out
and hope that perhaps some of you might take up the challenge
 and divulge some bitsy bits about yourself.
As I said, I'm a bit nosey and so would love to hear about you!

anyone willing?


oops and oops again before I go I almost forgot to tell you
that Raindrops and Daisies is now on Facebook
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I would love if you would  visit me as I'm a bit lonely,
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so what do you think......

Wishing you all a wonderful week full of happy times


Eileen said...

Oh, shame about the weather on the school trip - hope it didn't spoil the day too much. I'm really jealous of the field behind your house - just so many wonderfull photo opportunities. I'll have a go at your '5 things about me' challenge later today.

Take care xx

Lynne said...

I ALWAYS enjoy seeing Ireland . . . Buttercup fields or rain filled days . . . I love it . . .

I would write about myself, but I can't remember now what the cues are . . .

One thing , I met, talked with and shook hands with Jack and Jackie Kennedy . . . there you have my one claim to fame!

TexWisGirl said...

you're too cute. :) i've always been more the apple shape myself. and i like red wine, too (good for the heart!) :)

i like your nosy neighbor - or would that be moobor.

Rosewalk Cottage said...

I love the cows. Don't they just have the best personalities? Also very photogenic.

demie said...

Rain is the price we have to pay for living in such beautiful green countries ; )

Realy nice to get to know you bettter !

Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona!! Love what you revealed about yourself today... fun facts for sure!!

Ellie said...

What a shame that it rained on the day out - sure looks like heavy rain too.
I love what I learned about you - guess what I'm a jelly belly too although I am trying to something about that at the moment.
I hope next weeks weather is better for you - we have had pretty bad weather here as well, not as bad as is in Wales at the moment. Have you heard about their flooding - not good!!!

EM Illustrator said...

Hi Fiona, the weather is changing rapidly here I so much agree...and you always has to be prepared lol! One of the first things I did when I first got here to Ireland was to get a good rain jacket with a hood...cuz umbrellas aren't much use they turn inside out in an instant...but it's lovely when the weather is sunny and nice :) I love your pics.
Have a fantastic Weekend!


Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Hi Fiona. What a beautiful yellow field you have behind you house. I like the neighbor that lives there too.
Thanks for sharing some things about yourself. What were you doing with your eye glasses in the dishwasher? :0) If I don't keep my glasses on at all times, I can't see to find them.

SizzleandZoom said...

Wonderful, fun post. I love visiting your blog. The eyeglasses
in the dishwasher was laugh out loud funny.

Jen said...

The blurry pictures are beautiful and so is your meadow. That cow is adorable!
Thanks for sharing--you are a fun and kind person!

SweetMarie said...

The buttercups are so beautiful! I do love to shop and look at pretty things. I'm forty-three and I've started to notice my eyes going just a little. Everyone told me that's what would happen after forty! Have a great Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Fiona! The buttercups are glorious! I enjoyed reading the "Things About Me" challenge!

Allison said...

You are a jolly friend indeed! I'm laughing and happy reading your piece today... were that I had a bit of your easy-going-cheer!! ADORABLE. Keep that wine coming! :-)

orchid said...

Dearest Fiona,
Oh, I wonder how it is to have such a changeable weather. We are having rainy season soon. I love the way you posted the pictures including your cute friendly guy♡♡♡
Thank you for sharing your random facts, nice to know you more, my friend. I love shopping as welland sad that we are living with pension money☆☆☆

Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

stardust said...

Hi, Fiona! Changeable weather is not bad in a sense that variety is a spice of life. I don’t dislike rain. Like your yellow buttercups fields glistening both in the sun and with raindrops, nature gets revitalized after shower of rain no matter how hard it rains. Now we are in rainy season which is called poetically “apricot rains” and I look forward to things brought by this season.

6 things about yourself shows how sweet you are! I’ve come to like you all the more. I’m not writing about myself, instead, I’d like you to perceive what I am like from my posts. Have lovely days ahead.


Susan said...

Hi there Fiona. The weather you're talking about also applies to us over here in the South East of Australia! Sorry that it had to happen during a lovely school trip. I love those photos you've included in this post ... even the rain haze one :D)
Guess I'm a bit of a nosey parker too. I didn't mind at all reading the facts about yourself; ha ha... I'm a bit of a shopping trolley looker too! Other people seem to find most interesting things on the supermarket shelves. Also, being a Mum and enjoying it is tops in my book! Cheerio for now, Susan xx

In My Wild Eden said...

Hi Fiona. I love hearing random things about you that help me to know you better. Your first item "Love at first sight" is exactly how it went for me too! Thank you for sharing!

inge said...

Great fun facts. Hope you are enjoying our lovely sunny weather today.

Amish Stories said...

Those cows look like hams, or Is that like cows! Richard

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

The glasses in the dishwasher story cracked me up! The scenery sure is lovely out your way!

Little Dotty Bird said...

The field looks gorgeous, what a happy and uplifting view to have! The weather in Cornwall has been nuts too..thunderstorms and sunshine! My garden is like a jungle though now due to sooooo much rain and no weeding! Am loving the cows somehat grumpy expression! brilliant x

Walking on Sunshine... said...

LOVE the photos! Thank you so much for finding me and following me on my blog and my Facebook page! I have definitely returned the favor! I love that you found your glasses in the dishwasher! That's so funny! Hope you're having a nice day! Enjoy!

Anne said...

It was fun learning a few things about you... i love shopping too, mostly just looking! The buttercup field is amazing, i would just want to run out and lay down in it, would the cow (or bull) mind?

Sandra said...

I love that cloud floating across the page and out of the frame! The buttercup field is just gorgeous too and the occupant is quite handsome as bulls go - I like the colour of his coat! He certainly seemed interested in your camera! Pity about the rain on the school outing... we are having more than our fair share of rain here too and everything is looking extremely green. I don't know what happened to the sun this year... we get odd days here and there of sunny weather and then the rain comes back again!
Great story about washing your specs in the dishwasher!!

flowers on my table said...

Hi Fiona, loved finding out more about you today. Jelly-belly made me laugh, as I have one too. Glasses made me laugh, as I've lost mine. Love story made me go aah, as my hubby makes me laugh too. Your field is so beautiful and so is the cow. Shame about the school trip, but I am sure you made the most of it anyway. I love it that you love being a mum, and it's what you are best at. You are so warm and friendly and lovely and it just oozes out of your blog.

Thank you so much for your very kind words on your visit. I won't throw anything at you for preferring my room the way it was, you probably prefer warmer colours. I have too much stuff in my house too. My mum was always buying tables and chairs, and she would give them to us when she was living. Then when she died, her house was full of stuff, so we all got more. I have thinned out, but I really need to be ruthless and not sentimental. I am constantly moving and changing things to try and fit it all in. She used to say 'home is the place you store stuff, while you go out and buy more stuff'.
It is good to be back blogging, I must admit. Have a lovely evening, love Linda x

Anne said...

Hi Fiona, thanks for the lovely comment over on my blog. I like your blog too and am your latest follower.I have lots of Irish ancestry and so too does my granddaughter O, her family were all born in Dublin but moved over here when her mum was small.Look forward to hearing all about the Emerald isle!

Charlotte said...

Your view is quite lovely, and how nice to have such a neighbor keeping watch over the buttercups! You live in a beautiful place...rain or shine!
Blessings to you,

Giga said...

Cudownie opowiadasz o sobie. Jesteś, co wynika z własnego opisu, osobą z dużym poczuciem humoru. Też czasami szukam okularów, ale w zmywarce jeszcze ich nie znalazłam.Wybacz koleżance, że jest taka wścibska. Pozdrawiam.
Wonderfully telling about yourself. You, as a result of her own description, a person with a great sense of humor. Also sometimes looking glasses in the dishwasher but I have not found them yet. Forgive my colleague that there is a nosy. Yours.

ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful photographs, fantastic views. I am greeting

Nancy's Notes said...

Your fun facts are just too cute! Great photographs and I love that cow!! I also love wine and love to hear that sound too!

Franka said...

What a lovely field!
You are surrounded by nature!
(And this very pretty cow!)

♥ Franka

Heidi said...

Thanks for participating in the challenge. So nice to find out a little bit more about yourself. We have something in common - shopping. :)

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