Sunday, 12 August 2012

sunshine, shopping and super men...

Well hello there!

I have been missing for a while
as I have had my Mum staying and so blogging was put on the back burner..

I am busy trying to catch up
 and it might take a while!

Now that I am back I better fill you in
on what has been happening...

Mr. Raindrops is working abroad 
and so the house is quiet. 
He jetted off last week

I miss him but have to admit that
 it is wonderful having the bed to myself.

I can wiggle and jiggle and toss and turn, throw the covers off and put them back on
read until the early hours
light on light off
best of all it is a snore free zone,
well apart from my gentle little noises!


Sad daughter is smiling again 
I think her broken heart is on the mend.
She is spending lots of time with her
girlfriends and was in London
at the Olympic Games. 

She went to the water polo event
and really enjoyed it,

looks like a sport I might like too!
While Mum was here we enjoyed a litle
 retail therpy and I nabbed a bargain or two in the summer sales!
I saw this dress on a rail, the last one
and in my size and reduced to €20
well I had to buy it didn't I?
I love the colours and am hoping that
 the sun keeps shining
 so that I get to wear it!
 I bought the sparkly flipflops too
they were €12
and this little number also caught my eye
tried it on and sure what can ya do?

We have had sunshine and warm days 

Charlie soaked up the rays
 and even the owl looked hot!
I spent some time in the garden
bought lots of potting compost hoping it might help the plants improve
 - well God loves a trier!
The roses are lovely but a bit wet
after some rain showers today!

pretty hydrangeas

and for those of you that asked...
I am still getting to grips with the iphone,
I can make a call and text (well sometimes)
it's still a bit hit and miss
more miss that hit...
 last week I went to take a photo and saw this raggy old woman looking at me
gave me an awful fright
well you guessed it I had the lens pointed at myself!
You never saw anyone run so quickly 
to brush their hair and put on some lipstick as me that morning!!!

Wishing you all a lovely happy week
full of
 sunshine, smiles and lovely things



Eileen said...

Smashing post Fiona. I love your bargain buys and Charlie looks so 'cool' in shades!

Take care xx

Claudia Moser said...

Your ending made me smile, it took me some time to find that feature :) as for the buys, they all look great!


I get to enjoy the same luxuries when my hubby travels. The lack of snoring is so nice. WOW I never knew Water Polo could be so exciting. I'll have to watch the next time the Olympics rolls around. such a long wait. LOL Glad she's smiling again. Your dresses are pretty, for sure. Charlie looks cool in those shades. Take care.

TexWisGirl said...

enjoy your 'free time' while hubby is away! glad you had some time with your mother. your daughter is a pretty lass!

Sherry said...

Lovely post Fiona...gorgeous photography and some laughter too! Glad to hear that your daughter's heart is mending...and that you are enjoying a snore free zone (I think most women would agree on that one!). Hope the sun stays out so you can wear those gorgeous dresses and the sparkly flip flops!

Cloudy said...

Das nenn man dann ja wohl Sturmfreie Bude...:-)

Lieben Gruß

Giga said...

Córka pewno na Olimpiadzie przeżywała wielkie emocje, a to wspaniałe przeżycie. Ty natomiast robiłaś świetne zakupy. Twoje zrobienie zdjęcia sobie, rozbawiło mnie. Pozdrawiam.
Daughter of the Olympics certainly experienced great excitement, and a great experience. But you were doing great shopping. Your taking the shot himself, made ​​me laugh. Yours.

Barbara F. said...

Fiona, welcome back to Blogland. Your daughter is a beauty, and could pass for a Middleton sister! Yes!! Much prettier too! I want to get an iPhone but am worried that the expense is not worth the aggravation? I do know someone who blogs with it, and I like that idea very much. xo

Anne said...

Love all your new purchases Fiona! Delighted your daughter is smiling again:) Hope the fine weather sticks around but it was lovely to have this sunny weekend! Enjoy your week:)
~Anne xx

Jill said...

So glad to have you back, Dear Fiona! I'm glad you had a nice time with your mum, that your beautiful daughter is now smiling again and that you treated yourself to those darling dresses and flip flops! And yea...what's NOT to enjoy about water polo. WOW!!!!! ;)

sexta-feira said...

Nice to see you back Fiona!
What a nice post! ;)
Yay for your daughter! I'm very happy to hear she's feeling better!
Your new dresses and sandals are not only gorgeous, but great bargains as well!
Your dogs and your flowers are lovely as always!

Enjoy the new week and your iphone! And I also want to say a very big thank you for your Green Day; it has introduced me to so many great bloggers, including Greek ones! :)

inge said...

I identified and laughed at the no snoring enjoy it while it lasts

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Lovely post Fiona! So glad the sunshine has reached you and you've been making the most of it!
Victoria xx

Chloe Grice said...

What loveliness! Gosh you really do make everything rainbowed :-)) I'm with you on the old snoring/space in the bed thang...... not that Hubs ever DOES go away (a good thing as I would miss him really!!)

And so far I haven't seen any of the Olympics but you've convinced me that SOME of the events may be worth following after all.....

xx Chloe

ps I haven't made a Green Day for a while, but I'll be back!! x

eileeninmd said...

I love both of your new dresses and the flipflops. Your daughter must have had a great time watching the water polo event, what women would not like that event. your flowers are gorgeous and I love your dog too. Charlie looks a lot like my Goldie Girl. Great post and I enjoyed the photos.

Ellie said...

Hi Fiona, how nice to have the bed all to yourself and even better a snore free zone, lol.
I'm loving your bargains - it always makes my day when I get a bargain. :)
So good to hear that your daughter is feeling happier and I'm quite jealous of her watching the swimming - I had to make do with watching it on the telly.
I love the last bit of your post of you taking a picture of yourself - it really made me laugh. I'd be the same lol.
Have a great new week.

Anonymous said...

Hello Fiona, Glad you had some fun shopping with your Mum. Love your dresses and flip flops. Just this summer, I have started to enjoy dresses; they are so much cooler than shorts! Your garden flowers are lovely. So happy to hear your daughter enjoyed the Olympics; she is just beautiful! Thanks so much for visiting and I wish you a great week ahead.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

No sunshine here today but you sure gave me the smiles reading your fun post! Glad you had some time with your mum and that sad daughter is happier. How fun to have been able to go to London to the Olympics.
Have a fantastic week.

Jacquelineand.... said...

So glad to have you back again but it sounds as though you were having a lovely jubbly time; good to read that sad daughter is happier. Sounds like you and your Mum had a grand time shopping and loved the peek at your garden! =)

Austine Etcheverry said...

Love the photos of the olympics

Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely purchases, especially those sandals. I came across a pattern that makes the top part of your sandals that you wear on bear feet.

Jen said...

Lots of summer fun and beauty in your family!

A Well Styled Life said...

I love your pretty colored dress. Your thoughts on the bed to yourself are priceless and perfect!! Love it and totally agree
Have a wonderful week!

Sandra said...

I love Charlie in the garden - what a lovely expanse of green! Such a pretty pink and grey dappled sky too. I enjoyed the Olympic's shots!

SweetMarie said...

There is so much in this post that I find attractive! Lets start with the men in speedos...WOW! I can see why your daughter is hanging around there! I can't remember anything else about this post...just kidding! Your dresses were a must have and I love those sandals...all so pretty!!! Charlie is the cuteset! I would love to give Charlie a BIG hug! glad you had a nice visit wit Mum. Enjoy having the bed to yourself. :) Hope you have a great week and it's great to have you back!

CameraCruise said...

Great post, love it!
Have a wonderful week.

Terri Buster said...

The iphone scares me all the time! Nice set of pics and looks like you had a wonderful shopping trip!

demie said...

Dear Fiona,
I am glad your daughter had lovley time at the Olympics! And it's always great to have mom for a visit. Love the clothes you found but mostly the flipflops!!!
Your garden looks so pretty!

It's good to find you again : )

Anonymous said...

Glad you and your Mom spent time enjoying each other and shopping.. love your summer dresses and flipflops.
Happy daughters make Moms happy too :)

I had a good chuckle :) over your self-portrait episode.
Be well and happy :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo' exciting for your daughter to get to go to the Olympics,and I love your selections the dresses and shoes are fantastic,your gardens are lovely!

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I am sure you will grow to love your iphone it just takes time to experiment! The Olympic Games were indeed wonderful, how great your daughter got to go.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Too funny about the iphone ~ Fantastic photography and glad your daughter is on the mend ~ Great post ~ (A Creative Harbor)

ps. always good to have you 'visit'

SizzleandZoom said...

I love the photos of your garden. The sandals are wonderful and would
buy them myself. Thanks for the new friends.

Thisisme. said...

Hi Fiona. What a lovely post to come back with, and look at all these comments! So glad the weather was fine whilst your mum was staying with you. Retail therapy - now that's MY kind of Olympic Sport!! The dresses are lovely - really summery. Beautiful photos of the flowers in your garden, even with the raindrops. Your daughter is beautiful and how wonderful that she got to go to the Olympics. Mmmmm, yes, I can quite see the attraction in the Water Polo! LOL!! I did laugh at the 'raggy old woman' bit! So funny. I think we all know how that feels!!! x

Gabi said...

Witaj Fiona !
Sukienki śliczne...mam nadzieję że jeszcze je wykorzystasz w tym roku.

DIMI said...

Νice to be back Fiona!Thank you for your lovely comment!Νice dresses!And the shoes to!What a beautiful daughter you have!She looks like my liitle one!Im ready for Green Day 9!!I like your flowers and your garden!Have a nice week!!Greetings from Athens!!

Little Dotty Bird said...

wow...if I'd known about the water polo I'd have been there too! I could definately watch those lot fora few hours..ahem! and your phone experience sounds so much like something I'd do! x

Lisa said...

Fiona, you're a pistol! Your photos are so pretty. (I've tried putting sunglasses on Dolly, but. no. way.)

Bonnie said...

I'm just in awe of the pic with the cocker spaniel and Charlie amid the expanse of green and the gorgeous glow of the sunset. So awesome.

Understand about the snoring! Glad your daughter enjoyed London and the Olympics.

You get so many comments. I think I got 30 once but you often do. That shows people enjoy your blog.

Have a great week.

Lynn said...

I’m a new follower (like you need more) and want to go retail therapy shopping with you. The dresses you chose are wonderful. Happy Monday, Fiona.

Fiona said...

HI Lynn, thanks for following. I can't find your blog link in your profile so can't follow you back. Maybe you can point me in the right direction?! Have a great week. x

piggywhistles said...

Hi Fiona. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and becoming a follower. Now I have discovered your blog I have become a follower and am really looking forward to getting to know you. Kind regards.

Leslie said...

So many lovely things in this post ~ spending time with your mom, having the bed all to yourself, beautiful weather and adorable Charlie, gorgeous dresses and a happy daughter in London ~ Sounds like a wonderful week.
Tell your daughter we said thanks for the water polo pictures ~ : ) Never been one to watch water polo, but that could all change now. : )
Have a great new week.

jabblog said...

Well, you have had a lovely time with your Mum - love the bargains:-) I'm glad your daughter's heart is mending - there's nothing like watching fit young men to make a young woman realise there are plenty of fish in the sea;-)

oldthings said...

It's nice sometimes to have the entire bed by yourself! Very beautiful the dress you bought, comfortable and cool. You still got some time to wear it and rejoice.

val's alentejo said...

Hello Fiona,
I have seen your comments a few times over at dear Lisa's "In my wild Eden"..
I read your post today..and am now following you.
I love your dresses. It is great to have the bed to ourselves! I do all the time.
Lovely rose, and your garden looks so green. Ireland of course.
best wishes for a happy tuesday

maybe see you over at my side of the world.

Lynn said...

Thank you for the warm welcome. I don’t blog ~ I enjoy following ... Have a joyful week.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, Fiona. I love the one of Charlie in the grass - the sky looks amazing! Enjoy your quiet time. :)

Furry Bottoms said...

You are absolutely silly about the iphone photo! BUT, I do have to say it frightened me also when I realized that the camera lens pointed at me! Gave me such a shock! You will get used to the iphone. It took me awhile.

Emilie's daughter said...

This is a heartwarming post, Fiona! Your daughter is very beautiful (like her mum I guess...). You have such a humor - it is wonderful and makes me laugh too... Tell me where to enroll for that sport... Big hugs, Christa PS. Where about in Ireland do you live???

me (maria) said...

Lovely post and very beautiful photos!!
Your daughter is so beautiful!!
Have a good time!!

Mary said...

Hahahahaaaa..that raggie old woman..she springs up all over the world. Cute happy daughter, great polo buff..haha. Super cute threads and treads.. The picture of your dog, out on the grassy big, clouds, beautiful. Love the pup. Happy come back..xoxox Mary

geetlee said...

Your post made me giggle so hard.. my husband looked at me like I had gone crazy :)
The shot of your dogs on the lawn with the gorgeous evening sky is amazing!! I love love love it :)
Hope you're having a great week!

Anne said...

Fiona what a great opportunity for your daughter to be able to go to London. She must have been thrilled. Love the cute dresses you picked out and the flip flops are cute too. I hope you had a wonderful time with your Mom.

schoolgatestyle said...

Hi Fiona, have just had the loveliest half hour looking back over your posts. Great to meet another Irish blogger - I guessed as soon as I saw the Kildare Outlets on your post last week! lol. Drove past them at the weekend and it wasn't easy! Love this post in nice to see your daughter in London, and all those fit young men (!!) and the new stuff you bought. Avril xx

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