Friday, 7 September 2012

Blogging, awards and playing catch up...

I have to apologise but I way behind with blogging this week and that's because I'm back to work fulltime and barely have time to dress myself!

I am very late in acknowledging two lovely bloggers, but better late than never
and I will try and play catch-up (once again) over the next week or so.

I have been given awards from two very special people.
Evi at Sexta-Feira awarded me the lovely blog award
and Demi at Aussi Dimi decoupage has awarded me the Kreativ blog award
Both Evi and Demi have wonderful blogs and both are well worth a visit. 
I love visiting them, having a read, looking at their lovely photos and exchanging comments with them.
Evi and Demi have become special blogging friends to me over the last few months and I would like to thank them both for the awards and for their friendship. 

7 things about myself -

* I'm a worrier
 I worry about things before they even happen
and usually they never do...
luckily I am married to a very relaxed man
who takes things as they come!

*   I have green eyes

* I like the colour lemon
it always reminds me of
when I was pregnant
 with my first child
and because I didn't know if
it was a boy or a girl
everything I bought was lemon
she wore lemon clothes for  years!

* I love to sit and relax with
a glass of red wine 
I love the colour of it,
the taste of it
and even the smell of it
makes me happy!

*   I find candlelight so relaxing
and so most evenings 
I have a candle lighting. 

*  I sometimes have a chew
on my nails-
not a nice habit...
but if I start nibbling
it's hard to stop!

* I never go out the door
without my lipstick on
never, ever ever ever
 my natural look would scare
small children away!

*  I don't want to win the lottery
my life as it is makes me happy
and if I could live the rest of my days
as they are now
I would be a very happy woman.

I am going to award the lovely blog award to all of the blogs
that participate in Green Day,
you have all been a wonderful support to me and I love looking at your beautiful photos. You all deserve the "Lovely Blog award"

It is difficult to give awards to some blogs as they are award free
I'm going to be really bold and ignore this!

The Kreativ blog award goes to...

Mary at Merrydotandy
Ellie at Ellie's Place
Barbara at Two Birdies blog

Please visit them along with Evi and Demi
and I bet you will agree they are all great.

I'm off now to pour a glass of vino and  read the posts that I have missed

Have a lovely weekend my friends


TexWisGirl said...

congratulations to you!

i am a worrier. i like red wine. but i gave up all make-up years ago - even lipstick. :) and i have blue eyes. but i think we'd get along just fine. :)

Jill said...

Congratulations on well deserved awards! I hope you can unwind and relax this weekend!

Jacquelineand.... said...


I'm also a worrier, on the premise that the more I worry the less likely it is to happen.

Sherry said...

I hear you on the nail nibbling. Ugh. If I start? I can't stop. And then suddenly I'll be aware of what I'm doing and put my hands in my pockets or sit on them!!

And I love the colour, look and smell of red wine too! :)

Always nice to find out new things about people we know! Enjoy your weekend. xo

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We have a few things in eyes, being a worried & loving sunny lemon color!

Chatty Crone said...

I really enjoyed reading and learning about you!! I have green eyes too. Congrats on your awards.

Evi @ sexta-feira said...

Hi Fiona!
Thanks for taking the time to write this post! It's so nice to learn more things about you! I love red wine too! :)
Have a relaxing weekend, enjoy your precious free time!

oldthings said...

Congratulation ! You deserved these awards ! Evi and Dimi are very good bloggers friends and separate persons !
I learn about you more things and I am also worrying about anything !
Have a nice weekend

Lynne said...

You are a dear . . . Thank you for awarding me . . . I will acknowledge after our weekend of "Grand Dog" sitting!

Emilie's daughter said...

Dear Fiona - Congrats on those awards! You are just great and wonderful and reading your blog is cheering me up! Christa

DIMI said...

Dear Fiona,You deserve it my friend!!And more!I really enjoyed reading and learning about you!! Congrats on your awards.Love linking for your Green Day!What a fantastic experience!Have a relaxing weekend!All my love to Ireland!

me (maria) said...

You deserve it...
Demi and Evi are very good friends and they both have wonderful blogs!!
Try not to worry to much..
Thank you for the lovely blog award...and thank you for hosting us all.
Have a nice weekend!

Cloudy said...

Jeder Tag beginnt mit Sonnenschein, lassen wir sie in uns´re Herzen rein...

Lieben Gruß

✿ chica said...

Foi legal saber mais de ti!beijos,chica e um fim de semana lindo!

Claudia Moser said...

Lovely awards :) congrats my dear!

orchid said...

Dearest Fiona,
Congratulations on your wonderful awards! I always appreciate your hosting us.
Please take care of yourself and try not worry too much together as I am also like you♪
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Magia da Inês said...

彡♡` Olá, amiga!

Passei para uma visitinha.

Lindo dia!
Bom fim de semana!
Brasil ♡彡.

lenalima said...

Muito legal!
estou a participar!

Anonymous said...

You and I have some things in common. My eyes are green and I worry a lot too!!!!!
This was fun to read and I congratulate you on your awards.
Thanks for the kind words re my blog and now I am off to visit the links you provided.
Have a good day!

My Little Home and Garden said...

Hello, Fiona
I'm rather behind in blogging and responding to comments these days; I'll have to remedy that.
Thank you so much for thinking of me with the Kreativ Blogger Award. That's very kind of you!
I hope you're having a lovely weekend, especially because you need one after a full work week.

A Well Styled Life said...

Hello dear Fiona,
Congratulations on your award! It's so nice to learn all those details about you. I too love candles every night but my wine choice is usually white.

SweetMarie said...

Congratulations Fiona! I just love learning more about you! I always like some type of gloss on my lips or they just feel weird to me. :) I do tend to worry, but trying to cut back. LOL I bit my nails terribly as a child and would even be grounded for it, but as soon as I was on my own I quit. :) My favorite color is red, but I'm not a wine drinker. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Renae said...

Fiona, I want to thank you for your thoughtful words. take care my sweet. thank you for having green day every week! I love your hop!

oldthings said...

Αn award please ...

Leslie said...

I too, have been behind on my blogging. Sounds like you and I are a lot alike! My biggest flaw is worrying about things before they happen. Sometimes I drive myself crazy with it. ; ) have a great new week.

Ashling said...

All great things to learn about you; such small things make the misty entities in the blogosphere seem more real. Thanks for sharing!

DIMI said...

Thanks and for your award for us linking Green Day!I hope you like it!!Have a wonderful week!

Barbara F. said...

Thank you so much, Fiona, for thinking of me! I am award free, but I always appreciate warm thoughts being sent my way. Thanks again. xo

It's Just Dottie said...

I liked learning about you. I like you very much . I so hope we can become very good blog friends.

Emilie's daughter said...

Dearest Fiona - thanks for your most welcomed comment today! Yes, I have been trying recipes from the Avoca cookery book. I even wanted to post about it but sometimes I do not feel like documenting every moment of my life... the recipes are gorgeous and really tasty. I guess I will publish a summery recipe next week - you are encouraging me! Hope your week ahead is not too busy and you'll find time for yourself. xxxxx Christa

piggywhistles said...

Dear Fiona - I love the way you wrote:

'my life as it is makes me happy
and if I could live the rest of my days
as they are now
I would be a very happy woman.'

Congratulations and best wishes on achieving a life of contentment. If only we could all do that!

demie said...

Really nice fo you to acknowledge your fellow bloggers and very cool to get to know you a bit better

Enjoy a lovely week : )

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