Friday, 4 January 2013

Getting older and Green Day..

My oh my
oh my,
 two blog posts in one week
I must be going bonkers!
It usually takes me all my time to write one, let alone two!

Out and about...
Well I wish I could tell you that since my last post
I have been eating healthily and walking those roads
but alas...
I did go for a walk, a little one
but it had to be cut short because the ground was so squealchy and wet
and I was practically up to my waist in muck and dirt...

but everywhere did look green and beautiful.

oh and I did  buy a pair of running shoes in Reebok which took my eye
they were great value and are so comfy
I hope they won't be another decoration for the wardrobe!

At home...
My visitors have finally gone and while it was lovely having them
it is just so nice to have the house back to ourselves
I always find that when I have visitors I don't have time to blink!

I met my neighbour the other day and she asked me if I was all right and told me that I looked very tired
I don't know about you but I hate when people say that because what they are really saying
is that you look  awful
so even though I was feeling fine that day
after meeting her I felt old and worn out!!!

The one thing I don't like about getting older is that I need my specs all the time for reading and writing.
It's a nuisance.
I put them on, take them off and then they are lost (sometimes forever)
I would need 10 pairs as I can never remember where I left them.

I  had a shower yesterday, hopped out, dried and put on my extremely luxurious body lotion
 given to me by a friend,
it was thick and gorgeous
but very very thick and very very gloopy
popped on the specs only to discover I had applied bath soak
had to have another shower to get rid of the gunk
oh dearie dearie me...

I must be slowing down too because this knitting is still on the needles,
one of these days I will finish it and by the time I do it will probably be next Christmas!

but on the postive side my kitchen windowsill is looking prettier day by day

Well it's Friday and so it's Green Day

The usual rules apply...
Thank you to all who participate I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do
Raindrops and Daisies


Lynne said...

I am happy I am not the only one experiencing a few glitches in the New Year. I think reading glasses have a tendency to wander at my house too! Walking has been happening here, with care though . . . icy days have been here. Thank goodness for winter tracs I have for my boots.
Happy New Year, Fiona . . .

Sandra said...

Enjoying your second post of the week! I usually only post about every 5-7 days too! I like to participate in a couple of photo groups I belong to, so they need lots of thought before posting.
I love your new Reebok running shoes and the tall shadows in the trees. Very artistic last shot too of a 'ball' of trees. I love the surreal effect!
I know what you mean about specs. It used to annoy me taking them off and putting them back on all the time. I finally got progressive lenses which include straight ahead long distance view and lower part reading! They're perfect and I always know where they are now: on the end of my nose!
Let me know if you manage to start up a running programme and stick to it! My aim is to power walk an hour a day!

Ailime said...

Olá Fiona, eu gostei muito das suas fotos. Achei divertida a sua descrição sobre o banho para limpar toda a lama do seu passeio! Os ténis são lindos e ficarão tristes se não saírem do armário:))!
O passeio ao ar livre ajuda a rejuvenescer. E sobre os óculos uso desde jovem e...habituei-me!Tenha um dia feliz. Abraços Ailime

Claudia Moser said...

I do understand the part with bad feedback, same with me!

Anne said...

Hi Fiona! I am laughing at your story about the glasses ...think I need to sort something out myself on that front! Have a lovely weekend:)
~Anne xx

chica said...

Que lindas tuas fotos ,ainda que estivesse com um lamaçal para caminhar. O tênis é lindo, novinho!

E vizinhos que falam tudo, nos deixam sem jeito!sr beijos,tudo de bom,chica

The Cranky said...

So good to have you posting again Fiona and thanks so much for the glimpses of green. Right now all we have here is white, dirty white, and browny-grey.

Hurry on spring!

Ellie Foster said...

Dear Fiona
Lovely photos. I can sympathise about the glasses - I have two pairs for reading/close-up work and can I ever find them when I need them? No. I often leave them on the arm of the sofa and then pile books and magazines on the top. Ah, the joys of getting older!
Best wishes

Maria Luiza said...

Fiona, você diz que sua janela da cozinha está linda. A minha da sala, onde eu fico no computador é que está linda! Fiz um móbile de passarinhos para ela!. Bem, seu post está com imagens lindas de árvores. O tênis também é lindo e lembro que tenho que comprar um para as caminhadas. Grande abraço!

Vane M. said...

Olá, Fiona! As paisagens estão lindíssimas, como sempre! Há uns dois meses comprei um tênis branco para caminhada, da Rainha, e tenho usado bastante, espero que use o seu também. Dei boas risadas com sua história sobre a loção que não era bem uma loção...Que seu ano seja lindo e verde.
Um abraço!

Compilado de ideias (antigo Mirante da imagem)

Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona, your postings always bring a smile to my face with your delightful writing style.

Adore your new running shoes.. they'll put pep in your step!

I keep my glasses atop my head and still can't find them until I brush my hair =)

Your windowsill is lookin perky and green.

have a peaceful weekend.

Hayu Maselli said...

Good Morning Dear Fiona,

welcome back!
Happy to find your new post. beautiful photos. me too I always loose my glasses ;)
nice a pair of your reebok shoes love those colors.
have a nice days there in Irland;)

Jill said...

I always tell people the only thing I hate about aging are the darn reading glasses. SO annoying! lol! I do have about 10 pairs laying about...I'd never make it if I didn't. Have a wonderful day, Fiona!

The Flaky Fashionista said...

Happy New Year Fiona. This post really made me laugh. I'm fighting off the day I have to get glasses ... but I know it's not too far off as I'm now at the point where I'm saying to The Child 'read that for me please'. Darn it!

Linda said...

Good morning Fiona, hope you are having a nice day. I always put my glasses on top of my head so I don't lose them. :) I love the photo of the tree tranches in the circle, neat trick. It is a cloudy Friday here in my part of Canada, so snow flurries and lots of wind blowing the snow around.

Vores have said...

Great image series showing. Wishing you a belated Happy New Year / good weekend :) Hanne Bente

Tina´s PicStory said...

wonderful green pics! :)

Bonnie said...

Fiona, I figure once I get everything stowed away and all is back to normal my "New Year" may begin. Today is Roger's b-day and it isn't fair to bring out the calorie counter just yet. Tomorrow my New Year begins...maybe!!!! Happy New Year! Bonnie

Oh... it is always on a day I think I am feeling good when someone mentions how tired I look...go figure. Just another excuse to go to bed early. Hugs

Pamela Gordon said...

Hello Fiona. I love your green photos today. The one of the sheep is so beautiful and I love the trees with the green moss. I hope you don't let that woman's comment get you down. Enjoy the weekend. Blessings, Pamela

TexWisGirl said...

getting older is not easy. we fight with all we have left. :)

love the pine trees! so pretty!

My Little Home and Garden said...

Hi, Fiona

It used to be so nice picking up something to read, large print or teeny tiny, and have it appear clearly. I have to use reading glasses these day and find myself wishing that, magically, my eyesight will return to the days of its former glory!

Meanwwhile, my computer is sorted out, now I've been trying to get a new TV and its digital box up and running. Success, failure, success, black screen... I stayed up so late I was able to post my link to Green Day early on!

Back to my project. Enjoy your weekend and, perhaps, a row or two of knitting.


Love Bears All Things said...

Hello Fiona,
I forgot about green day...I didn't really have anything to share except maybe the Christmas Tree needles on the floor after I put it back in the box...even artificial ones shed, you know....
Got a new vac which is Turquoise, guess that is is so easy to push and does such a good job...why did I wait so long to replace that clonker.
Happy Weekend,
Mama Bear

jabblog said...

Ha ha - I'm with you on the glasses. I don't want to have to wear them all the time, but . . .

Beautiful photos - the trees are gorgeous.

Happy 2013 to you and yours:-)

Jennifer said...

I used to just "wear" my glasses like a headband on top of my head. Then I took to wearing them on my shirt front, then I went to progressives so they are on my nose all the time. It's much easier that way!!
I love your photos.

Giga said...

Kupiłaś sobie nowe buty, ale lepiej nie idź w nich nawet na piękny spacer, gdy jest mokro, bo je zniszczysz :)
You bought the new shoes, but it's better they do not go for a lovely walk even when it's wet, because you destroy them :)

Southhamsdarling said...

hI fIONA. I know just what you mean about all the wet everywhere. It's just dreadful here in Devon, and I just can't see when it's going to dry up, unless we have a really long, dry spell. There is just so much water on the fields after the wet summer that we had. I long to get out walking again! The poor garden is looking very sorry for itself!

Memaria said...

I love your photos..
The last one is stunning!!
Have a great weekend!

Ivy, Phyllis and Me! said...

Good Evening Fiona, I love your new Reebok running shoes... very stylish.
I know what you mean about getting older and the eyesight deteriorating. I went to the town just before Christmas. It had been raining and my glasses were wet, so I stopped and cleaned them. I walked for a few minutes and I thought, I can't see properly, I thought I had put on my reading glasses, put them back on and still my vision wasn't right. I took them off and when I got to the car I thought I would clean them again, I cleaned one lense, then went to clean the other one when my finger went through the space where the lense should have been. That's right the lense had dropped out, now tell me, how could I not have felt that when I was walking! I think I am going bonkers aswell as blind!
Lovely to see you are back to normal with your blogging. Have a lovely weekend.

Best Wishes Daphne

Unknown said...

This is how (badly) it looked in this pricey store, and it's about the green-brown cowl. A similar story to yours, of all times on Christmas -the wrong time!
A happy New Year to you!

NanaDiana said...

Oh-I am so laughing. I hear you-I hate it when people say- Boy! You look really tired...I want to say...Yeah, you look ugly but are you don't look tired!

One day - a year or so back- I grabbed the body lotion-slapped it on and it was bubble bath....uggggh.

Hope you have a great weekend-xo Diana

eileeninmd said...

Hi Fiona, I had to laugh at the glasses incident. We are always running around the house looking for my hubby's glasses. Love the pretty trees and the sheep. I like your new running shoes, they are pretty. I wish you a happy weekend!

renae said...

Oh Fiona! You crack me up. You do!!! I didn't join your meme cuz I have been meme - ed out lately. I go to one and then another and before I know it I have many more that I am following than are following me. Urgh. So I am staying loyal to my loyal few and resting a bit. When I had no computer, a week back, I discovered that fact.

I am enjoying my loyal mutual followers for a bit. yay!!

And the glasses thing, Oh I know!!! But I haven't mistaken bath soap for lotion, so I guess I am a bit ahead of the game, for a while anyway.


Suz said...

I have nothing really green to post but I think I have a light shade of green in my post. I want to share it with you.

Maude Lynn said...

I've been known to spend 10 minutes looking for glasses that are already on my face!

Chatty Crone said...

Love your shoes. I am going to be starting eating better on Monday!

Lucinha said...


Fico até sem saber qual imagem escolher. Todas são lindas. O Inverno têm seus encantos também.
Não participei do mural do Green Day essa semana, pois não tive tempo para formular o post. Mas, pretendo participar na próxima semana.
Não poderia deixar de vir aqui lhe agradecer por ter me acolhido aqui no seu blog, e que uma das melhores coisas que me aconteceu em 2012, foi poder participar do Green Day, onde conheci pessoas maravilhosas em todas as partes do mundo.
Feliz 2013! Abraços

Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona, Such pretty photos you have shared. I hoped to walk each day too but our weather has been rainy and cold. Hope you have a restful weekend.

inge said...

The body cream story is so funny. It is like when you try yo put the kettle in the fridge and the butter in the cooker a Ensor moment as my friends say. Great to hear your voice again

Calu Barros said...

Oi Fiona,
feliz e lindo retorno o teu.As fotos estão maravilhosas e cheias das belezas por aí, que a lama não vai enfeiar.
Anime-se pras caminhadas nestes lugares convidativos.
Aproveito para lhe desejar um Ano Novo repleto de saúde e alegrias infinitas.Feliz 2013!

Lisa said...

Your knitting looks very nice, Fiona - be hopeful!! :)
I also need reading glasses - just magnifiers, but I have two pair at home (in case one breaks), one in my bag, one at work. Also sunglasses which magnify - three pair; one are bifocal. I spend much time walking around the house asking "where did I put them?"

orchid0324 said...

Dearest Fiona,
I'm a sort of out of shape at the moment from flu. I'm looking forward to coming back posting for green day, my friend in Ireland.

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

In My Wild Eden said...

Hi Fiona! Such beautiful pictures. I love the green. It does my soul good to see it. All we have here now is white. White ground and white sky. I can't wait for the green to come back. Hope all is going grand for you!

Mary said...

Finally, computer fixed and passwords re set...ugh. I think I must find some old find some green for Green Day. It's icy cold and gray out these days. Oh, I'll find something!

Anonymous said...

haha...Oh Fiona, this sounds so very familiar I have to laugh. :) Although I resisted for a while, I have finally given in to carrying my reading glasses to restaurants because I could not see the menu for the life of me.
Love your beautiful photographs as usual. I made a few fresh herb oils which I call green sauce this Sunday and I kept thinking of you and Green Day. :) Hope to share something soon.
I have not stopped since we first started moving to our new home in the middle of December, but I'm glad to be visiting my bloggy friends again.
Happy New Year, my friend.

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