Friday, 1 February 2013

A blog post at last!
I bet you all thought I had disappeared
well truth is, I almost did!
Thanks to all who told me that I had comments disabled on the last post
I didn't even know and thought you were all ignoring me
by the time I realised it was off it was too late to turn it on!!!

It has been dull and dark here so I needed something to brighten those long day
flowers were the call of the day
lovely yellow and pretty white...

t u l i p s

lots of knitting happening
I made some pretty love hearts,
and bought a book to help me along the way

and I have a bag full of yarn so am raring to go...

The weather has been upside down,
one day really cold

the next, sunshine and blue skies

and the day after that - lots of the wet stuff...bleughh
What I bought...
I was out shopping during the week and
treated myself to a new bag in the sales in Carraig Donn
down from €50 to €29
it's a good size so should come in useful
happy happy days...

I also bought some pretty brushes for the kitchen in Primark all under €3
they're almost too nice to use...

and a lovely (big bauble) neckpiece in Dunnes which was €25 but reduced by 75% to €7.50

an oldfashioned cookbook for €5
I have tried out some of the recipes and they're yummy (maybe too yummy)
I'll be back on that diet if I don't watch myself!

A giveaway...

I just want to  mention a lovely giveaway at Sweet Like Cinnamon
Look at the fab prize she has for one lucky winner...
Sweet Like Cinnamon is an Irish blogger 
she shares  recipes, pretty things and good ideas on her pages

She has 10 followers but should have more
why not pay her a visit become a follower and enter the giveaway..
you never know you could have beautiful hands and feet in a couple of weeks
and wouldn't we all love that!!!!
The closing date for this giveaway is Valentine's Day 

An award...

Alessandra from Homemade@myplace
has awarded me the Liebster award
Thank you so much Alessandra, I appreciate it very much.

Alessandra has a wonderful blog full of creativity
she is certainly a very taleneted lady.
Why not pop over and say hello

{Green Day 30}
Well it's Friday and so it's Green Day

Why not post your photos here?
Thank you to all who participate I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do
Raindrops and Daisies


SizzleandZoom said...

I love your knitted pink hearts-wish I could do that. I won't be in Green Day 'cause I don't have any green to speak off.

Alessandra said...

Hi Fiona!!! Happy you are back in your full splendor!!!
Thank you for linking back to my blog and for your lovely comment!!! Smack!!!
Love your knitted heart and your tulips!!!
xxxx Ale
happy weekend!!!

Sweet like Cinnamon said...

Thanks Fiona for such a lovely mention! Have a great weekend :-)

Lucinha said...


Nice to see you back.
I loved your tulips and floral brushes.
Happy weekend! Hugs

Claudia Moser said...

You are such a nice promoter, and you know that I like to follow interesting blogs, thanks for the tip!
And love love your knitting!
Happy Friday!

NatureFootstep said...

I always want my backlink to go straight to the post where I enter but I can´t find your permalink. I usually find it with the title but you have none. :(

Sandra said...

So nice to see things moving around here again, Fiona. I thought you had comments off on the last blog entry because you just wanted some peace!
What a fun flowery dustpan and brush!
I just love your "wet stuff" blurry photo through rain!
Lovely yellow tulips and such a pretty soft knitted pink heart! See, the rain gives us craft time!
Those "Grandma's Best Recipes" books are great, aren't they? I've got one and just adore the decorated pages!
Have a lovely weekend, whatever the weather. It's always good for something!

Jesh St Germain said...

Oh the white tulips are just gorgeous! Eek, that rain:( Hope the sun will soon appear!

Giga said...

Pięknie rozjaśniłaś te szare, smutne dni tulipanami. Zakupy też ciekawe i bardzo podoba mi się torebka. Gratis też uroczy dostałaś. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.

Beautifully adorned the gray, sad days tulips. Shopping also interesting and I really like the bag. Got a lovely free. Regards warm.

Vane M. said...

Olá, Fiona! Desculpe eu não ter comentado semana passada, imaginei que havia desativada o comentário por não ter colocado suas imagens. Nossa, setá mesmo muito frio por aí...fico encantada com seu jeito de colorir os dias, arranjando peças floridas e confeccionando corações. :) As tulipas estão lindas! Um abraço!

Riet said...

I love all your colorful photo's Fiona. Wool and tulips always are my favorites. Have a nice weekend

jabblog said...

A very pretty post - and I'm so glad to see that comments are back in their rightful place:-)
Have a lovely weekend.

Lynne said...

Nothing like some yellow and white, and a bit of pink and some "bobs and baubles" to brighten the day! I enjoyed . . .

Crafty Gardener said...

You got some great bargains on your shopping trip Fiona. The knitting looks good even if your weather doesn't :) Enjoy today.

Sherry said...

There is nothing like some bright, cheery flowers and bargain hunting to brighten the blahs of winter!
We're having crazy whether here in Toronto as well -- deep freeze, then snow, then VERY mild temps, then drop down temps again, rain and more snow. It's a mixed bag...and now that we're at February we're that much closer to spring!

Ailime said...

Olá Fiona, ainda bem que voltou! Pois o Inverno tem sido difícil, mas a primavera parece estar já a espreitar! Lindo tudo que comprou! E esses corações de tricô, encantadores. Tenha um bom fim-de-semana. Abraço Ailime

Jannibele said...

Nice to have you back! Thanks for leaving such lovely comments on my blog and for following it:)

val's alentejo said...

hello Fiona,
nice to see you back.
you might have noticed, that i have opted out of the green day... am just posting now and again.
you bought some nice things there.
pretty necklace.
love the tulips.
looks wet and cold.
wishing you a good weekend.

TexWisGirl said...

that brush and pan set is adorable. :) and i really like white tulips (and roses, too). glad you're back and we can 'talk' to you again! :)

SweetMarie said...

Love the tulips! Those pretty brushes might make cleaning fun. :)

thisisme said...

Always good to see you here Fiona. We could never forget you! I love those pretty pink hearts you are knitting. Also love the dustpan and brush. So pretty, to make the housework a little brighter! Isn't it wonderful to be able to have tulips in the house again. I just love them. Thankfully, the days are just getting that little longer each week and, hopefully, there is lots to look forward to. Sending hugs your way.

Alfa & Ômega said...

Fiona, você fez um lindo post! Amei sua tulipa, minha flor predileta! Encantou-me o coração de tricô e se puder coloque a receita para eu fazê-lo. É muito lindo tudo aqui!Encantou-me! Grande abraço e um lindo final de semana! Beijos!

inge said...

Great to have you back. Loving the flowers. Have a lovely weekend

Ashling said...

Such glorious colors. Glad you're back!!

Little Dotty Bird said...

hi there...nice to see you back! My friend bought me some lovely red and white tulips the other day and they have cheered me me up so much on these dark and wet days we've been having..also the snowdrops are coming out now...spring atlast! I'm having a little giveaway over at mine too if you fancy taking a peek xx

The Flaky Fashionista said...

Hi Fiona, such a lovely post and how do you get your photos to look so gorgeous? Mine are always so blurry. I'll need to get a few tips. Love your purchases .. I'm always a sucker for a nice handbag and loving your household items from Penneys. Also, just to say, please, please don't think I was offended by your comments on my post (the 'pearls' one) Quite the reverse! I was delighted with the feedback and what's more, you were all absolutely right. In fact by the time I'd read all the comments, I was laughing out loud at the hard time the poor pearls were getting:) Have a lovely weekend. Helen

Life, Loves...... said...

Love Tulips, Spring is coming

Anne said...

Hi Fiona! lovely photos:) That bag is gorgeous... great colour to have. Hope you have a good weekend!
~Anne xx

Ellie said...

Hi Fiona, nice to see you back. I haven't blogged too much either recently. I really need to try and get back into it.
I've not been out to take any pictures either - the weather here is really horrible. Rain, rain, rain, wind and cold brrrr. It's the kind of weather that makes you want to stay indoors.
Hope you have a lovely weekend. :)))

eileeninmd said...

Fiona, nice to see you posting! I do love your beautiful tulips, they would cheer me up on a Blah day. This winter has been very strange lots of ups and down temperatures. Your new bag is pretty and I like the size. Wishing you a happy weekend, Eileen!

Lisa said...

Fiona, I'm proud of you - you actually knitted a heart! I've never done that - go, girl!

Sleepshort Tripod said...

A lovely post and a great meme.

Ayu Maselli said...

Hi Fiona,

Welcome back!, here I am on Saturday as I said.
OMG, how progress for your knitting, stunning pink heart. love it, you see now you are a crafter ;)happy for you.
so many amazing stuffs you've shopped. the brushes pretty colors.
I would love to join the give away then.
Have a nice weekend my dear Fiona.
love ya

Jen said...

You've outdone yourself--the collage of your pictures is beautiful! I especially love the flowered brushes.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Beautiful flowers, and congratulations on the award.

I've not participated in Green Day before but it does look like fun. I hope my pictures green enough, that's about as green as it gets around here just now!

terr davidson said...

Cute photos x

Check my Cath kidston give away

Chloe G said...

HI Fiona! Love your photos! What a good shopping trip too :-) All the best xx

Love Bears All Things said...

Loved your photo collage...brightened my rainy should make the cake on the front of the book for Valentine's Day...bake it in heart shaped pans.
Mama Bear

demie said...

Hello dear Fiona!

I really thought you didn't want any comments on your last post, now I feel quilty I didn't tell you about it through twitter!

I am glad you are back anyway, it looks like your are making some really lovely stuff!
The weather has been so weird here too. From -20 to 0 and to -10 in a week... The roads are so slippery its dreadful...

I wish you a warm cozy Saturday evening : )

Bonnie said...

Wow, it is cold where you are! Shiver!

Love your new bag and necklace. Cute floral kitchen brushes.

I never learned to knit. Your heart is so pretty. I always enjoy your pictures. They are always colorful and cheerful and give me a happy feeling. Even though you have lots of dull and dreary days you have inner sunshine.

Thanks for the encouragement about my broken candlestick. Have a good weekend.

Evi @ sexta-feira said...

Dear Fiona,
It's always nice to see you! I've missed your posts!
Love your new bag and necklace!
I hope you're enjoying your Sunday. :)

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Afternoon Fiona, Welcome back, we all missed you.
I love your Primark dustpan and brush, it reminds me of a Cath Kidson material.
Isn't it lovely to see spring flowers in the shops, not that it feels like spring, it is soooo cold at the moment, but do you know I think I saw the tip of a snowdrop in the garden. I am going to check again a little later in the week.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.
Best Wishes

EM Illustrator said...

The weather has been a little upside down lately, hasn't it? But you seem to have found an excellent way to brighten your days. Love that blue necklace :)
Have a lovely week!


Rachael Dobbins said...

Great Blog, Love all the pictures!

It would be great if we could follow each other :)

hope you enter my giveaway on my blog <3
Blog Here

Dont forget to follow my blog


pembrokeshire lass said...

So glad that you are back with us! I thoroughly enjoyed this post!! What a mix of flowers.knitting (loved the little heart you're making) and shopping. Full of all sorts of interesting things! I loved seeing all the things you bought in the sales...good for you! Joan

Nancy said...

Oooh, what pretty things you bought. Those flowered brushes are so charming. Love the tulips, too.

Chatty Crone said...

You know I have done things like this too - glad you are back on line!

Jackie said...

I didn't forget this week. But I see you don't have this week posted yet.

I will check back later. Oh my I still enjoyed seeing those yellow flowers again!

I hope you are having a great week!

Heidi said...

Well, I am glad we can comment again or your lovely post and beautiful pics.

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