Saturday, 9 July 2011

I put this up beside the laundry basket

hoping that my children would take note
but they don't seem to have even seem it and if they have they are ignoring it!

My darlings do you really need a new towel everytime you shower,
you have only dried yourself with one this morning,
it's not dirty, just damp.

And do you have to leave the towels you have used lying on the bed
or even worse on the bedroom floor.

The laundry fairy doesn't work here anymore!


Sherry Smyth said...

You could have written this about MY children!!!!! mean this happens in other parts of the world too??? LOL!!! I need that sign...and the shower more than once a day and using more than one towel??? Drives me nuts!!!

Emilie's daughter said...

Only saw this post now! Very well done! It is the same over here... I should copy... BTW: Did it get any better? I guess not or am I wrong? X Christa

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