Sunday, 10 July 2011

Lemon Loaf

Well I decided I would try a recipe for an easy lemon loaf
and very easy it was!

Bought the lemons (don't they look lovely in the orange bowl)?

4oz butter
6oz caster sugar
2 eggs
6oz Self raising flour
4 tbs milk
grated rind of a lemon

Throw it all into a bowl and mix together.
Put into a 2lb loaf tin.  Cook at 175 degrees for approx 45 mins.

When cooked and still in tin pour the juice of lemon (mixed with icing sugar) on top- easy peasy!

Made the loaf and scoffed most of it with cups of tea!

Happy Sunday!

1 comment:

Emily@theNest said...

Oh, this looks delicious... think I'll make that this evening- perfect on this warm day!

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