Friday, 26 August 2011

The Quiet Man

One of my all time favourite films has to be "The Quiet Man"
 starring John Wayne and our own lovely (Irish) Maureen O'Hara.

This weekend thousands of people from all over the globe are travelling to Cong
in County Mayo for a festival
 celebrating the 60th anniversary of the filming of
The "Quiet Man".

The film was made in 1951 and 60 years on it is more popular than ever.

They say that every minute of every day someone in the world
is watching it!

I saw Maureen O’Hara being interviewed on Irish TV recently
and she spoke of the sexual chemistry between herself and Wayne
and said that he was a “real man”.

She is 91 this month, lives in County Cork and looks amazing.
She is determined to live until she is 102 and looking at her
she may well do so.


Riet said...

BOth favorite actors of mine and wow Maureen looks amazing.
Happy pink Saturday

Chatty Crone said...

I am going to check that out - I love Maureen O'Hara - she wants to live to 102! Wow!

Claudia Moser said...

Probably because it is worth watching :)

Ellie said...

That was a great film - seen it a couple of times. I didn't realise Maureen O'Hara was that age - she is looking good as well. The festival sounds like fun - are you going?
Are you still having trouble commenting on my blog - sorry if you are I'm not sure what the problem could be.
Thanks for the book suggestion - I will add it to my ever growing list. Lol

Leontien said...

I loved those old movies!
Thanks for reminding me!


Bouncin' Barb said...

What a great post. My fathers family is supposed to be from County Cork (Brannon). I love that movie. I had a very good friend who was like a second father to me. He loved and had pride in being Irish. This movie was a favorite of his too. Wouldn't you know he passed away on St. Patrick's Day?! How appropriate. Maureen O'Hara has made some great movies in her day and she does look great.

Lisa said...

I also think this is a great movie! So, she's living back home now, is she?

She was in our small town once, a number of years ago. We have a small airport, and her late husband apparently had, or flew, some sort of small plane, and she came a gave a talk about it; my brother attended. I think she was in her 80's then.

She was one of the great beauties of her era.

Jill said...

I love this movie too!

Anonymous said...

Do you know, I don't think I have ever watched it... and I like old movies, but rarely get a chance to watch them (having said that I'll probably start watching it sometime and go "oh, that one!")

Thisisme. said...

Hi Fiona. I love that film and both the actors. Gosh, you're right, doesn't Maureen look wonderful?! Must be the Irish air!!

rainbow said...

The first time I watched it was when I realized how special my ancestry was. My Mom was Irish background (Gephart) and my Dad was Scottish background (Roberts). IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN A FAVORITE OF MINE. THEY ARE MY FAVORITE ACTOR and ACTRESS TOO. Glad she is still alive and I bet she make 102 or more.


rainbow (Momma Lyn)

Bethe77 said...

Truly a classic. Diffiantly one of our favorites in our house. I think I have it both on VHS as well as DVD. We watch it all the time and when it is on TV we most assured always watch. My husbands all time favorite I think though. Love both Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne big fans of them both.
I think she will diffaintly live to be 102 she looks great.
That festivable would be so much fun to go too.

Pat MacKenzie said...

I'm embarrassed to say that I've never seen that movie. I'm not a big John Wayne fan but I have enjoyed seeing Maureen O'Hara in several films. She certainly doesn't look her age. Are you going to the festival in honor of the film?

Desiree said...

I have not seen this movie, or not that I recall, although I may have when I was a child. We used to go the the Drive-in in those far distant days and my parents loved John Wayne movies. Maureen O' Hara looks incredible for her age!

Anonymous said...

I think it's one of those films that I have seen bits of when it has been on tv, but I've never seen it the whole way through ...... now I will have to make the effort to see it!

Denise said...

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Design Dork said...

I think I figured out the follow button. If you could let me know if you can see it that would be super helpful! Thanks!

Marsha Young said...

The Quiet Man is also one of our favorite films. We were blessed to get to visit Ireland in March of this year and enjoyed is sooooo much.

Thank you for stopping by Spots and Wrinkles. Looking forward to your comments. ...Marsha

NanaDiana said...

Hello Fiona! I just found you. My own grandmother came from Ireland with my grandfather who was English. I am told both families disowned them as she was Irish Catholic and he was Church of England. Many children and grandchildren later-here I am!

I am loving your blog and the way you speak of your son and family. I am your newest follower and you won't be rid of me now! Hugs from Wisconsin, USA- Diana

Sush said...

Fiona...I can't believe there is a John Wayne/ Maureen O'Hara movie I've not seen but you've proven me wrong. Now I'm going to head right out and find it!


flowers on my table said...

My husband is a great John Wayne fan and loves this movie. I think that Maureen is such a beautiful woman. Thanks for bringing it again to my attention. Love Linda x

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