Sunday, 7 August 2011

Starting 3 in 30

Today I have decided to join the 3 in 30 Challenge - making goals a reality 3 at a time and in 30 days.

Here are my 3 goals -
3in30 Challenge
Goal 1

I need to declutter.
I will start room by room over the next 30 days and try and make more space and less rubbish!

Why do I keep all the things that really I have no need for and take up so much space?
I'm a bit of a hoarder and really need to start letting go.

Who else saves all the plastic containers from the Chinese takeaways?
I must have 30 for "just in case I need them" times. I never need them!

Goal 2

I am going to lose some weight. 

We went to a 21st party last night and the dress that I wore 3 months ago was definitely a little snug!
I looked at the photos and didn't like what I saw.

Going to try and lose 7lbs this month by having smaller food portions, more salads, fruit and  veg and generally by not being a greedy piggy!

Goal 3

I am going to increase my exercise regime.

I need to walk everyday and spend less time on the computer and being indoors.

Summer is almost over (well here in Ireland it never really arrived)
but that's another story!!!
More exercise is a must.  A walk every 2nd day would be great.


Now that I have set these 3 goals I hope that I will achieve them or at least 2 of them.

Have you any goals set for yourself?


Eileen said...

Hi Fiona. Well done for starting the 3 in 30 challenge - I've found that it is definitely helping me to stay focused. We have almost identical goals. I am a hoarder too and so is my partner, hence the problem. Good luck for this month.

Pat MacKenzie said...

Three very worthy goals and they're all goals that I should set for myself too. Good luck with accomplishing them. I'll try to keep your goals in mind for the next 30 days and work on them myself. Good luck to us both!

Bouncin' Barb said...

Those are definitely attainable goals and I wish you the best on following through. My intentions are always good but rarely do I finish. With the exception of my blog. That I have succeeded with. Have a great week ahead!

Anonymous said...

You have saved me from having to think up my own goals, as yours encompass my ongoing battles - the one I do achieve is going out for a 3 mile walk at 6.40am Mon to Fri (yes, even in the rain!!) I am trying to use up my stash, but the weight loss has stuck again - a pound off, a pound back on, a pound off etc etc!!

ps - the Scottish summer seems to have vanished!!

Blended said...

Great Blog! New follower from the Say Hi Sunday Blog Hop. Stop on by -

Bethe77 said...

I think you picked my time three that I would have to work on for sure. And Summer has never made it here to the PNW either in my opinion. I will cheer you on and poissible jump on board and work on some of your very goals with you since I have need for all three.

Sush said...

You seem to have started a theme going here...why is it that so many of us all have the same goals...but yes I could use to declutter, shed lbs and exercise more. Now I have to get the impetus you have so I can make the pledge! I'll join the group when I'm sure I will follow through...

Way to go!

Chatty Crone said...

I have set Monday as a start for my diet - tomorrow.

Good luck with your goals!

Little Dotty Bird said...

I need to aim for the very same goals! I keep de-cluttering then I stupidly go to carboots and charity shops and buy new endless cycle! Good luck with achieving your goals, finding an exercise that you really enjoy is always a good way to start losing weight and keep fit, ive recently started bellydancing and its definately helping to tone up some of my mummy tummy! x

Barb and Dell said...

Great goals! I need to set those for myself. Good luck.

Thisisme. said...

Hi Fiona. Wishing you good luck with your three aims. They do seem quite achievable! I am always going to walk every day, but, guess what, in my spare time, I just sit on my laptop and blog, blog, blog!! I look forward to hearing how you get on!

flowers on my table said...

Good luck with your 3 goals, very commendable! I think walking is a great form of excercise and is also good for the mind. Many thanks for your comments, love Linda x

Ralene said...

Welcome to the world of 3in30. Glad that you decided to join us. You have some great goals! I like that you have a plan for losing weight and exercising--two things I need to do myself! Good luck this month. :)

Kathy said...

Just love the name of your blog! Three commendable goals! Inspiring! So glad I stopped by, became a follower and will continue to look through!

Gems said...

Great goal and all doable. Mine are similar to an extent...especially de-clutter.
What a pretty blog...I'm following :)

Gems x

Rebecca said...

Awesome goals! Yes, sometimes we hold on to things we really don't need.....I still have some of my Mother's clothes...just because I'm having a hard time letting go!

Angela said...

Good luck with your goals, they sound great!
I always have an excuse not to keep mine...
I love your blog and will follow.

jabblog said...

Good luck! It's no good me deciding to declutter as it's my husband who does all the hoarding . . . ;-)

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