Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weekend in the West of Ireland.

Myself and husband are just back from a lovely weekend in the West of Ireland.

We visited many great places and enjoyed every minute.

The weather was a bit pick and mix but we made the most of it.

Here is a photo of the Beach at Mullaghmore,
County Sligo.
Look at those grey clouds!

The sun is straining to shine on the pier,
although never quite made it!

The mountains in County Sligo look a bit wet! 
It was a little better in Carrick-on-Shannon,
County Leitrim 
where we did get an hour or so of sunshine!

But the best part is that we ate and drank and enjoyed life and spending time together as a couple.

We left our 23, 21 and 15 year old darlings at home and although we came back to a reasonably tidy(ish) house,the windows had obviously not been opened since we left and the coffee cup that I had rinsed and left on the draining board was still there 3 days later!

Lots of catching up to do now...............
and the dreaded household drudgery
the main ones being the washing and ironing!

 The joys of life!


Ellie said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Who needs good weather to enjoy a break (well me actually). Lol.
I think when we live in this part of the world we have to expect the weather to be changeable.
Had to laugh at the unwashed coffee cup, having three children around the same ages I can relate to that. Great pictures by the way.

Eileen said...

Lovely photos. Glad to hear you enjoyed your time away, despite the weather.

Claudia Moser said...

In the end you had fun and that what counts. The dished and laundry will always be there :) Welcome back!

Sherry Smyth said...

Looks like a beautiful spot!!! I had to laugh at the windows not having been opened and the coffee cup still on the drainer...exactly as it would be at this house!!! lol!!!

Yiota said...

Beautiful space!
Just 3 days; that's nothing. I left some dishes to drain before I left home after the easter holidays and found them right there when I got back after a month! Hubby hadn't used the kitchen at all!!!

Thisisme. said...

Lovely, gorgeous photos. The beach in the first one is stunning! Glad that you at least had some sunshine during your trip. How good for you and your husband to get away like that and to have some time together. Not so good then coming back to earth with a bang, is it?!

Barb and Dell said...

Fiona, I love the pictures of the beach and the boats. I would love to be there rain or shine.
Glad you had some time with your husband. Have a good week.

Dizzy C said...

Beautiful scenery.
So lovely to have quality time to yourselves.


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos - especially the one of the beach. My only aunt and uncle lived in Galway and I had several holidays there - but I haven't been for about 30 years - I would love to go back!

Felicity said...

What a terrific tour - thank you for sharing it with us, I always love to take a quick trip and would never have imagined that I'd be getting glimpses of County Sligo this morning = fabulous.

I'm hoping that by the time you read this that all is back in order in your home and your lasting memories of this weekend is of the time spent with your hubby.

Happy day Lovely!

xx Felicity

Lisa said...

I'm glad you managed to have a nice time despite the clouds.

Susan said...

Hello Fiona, thank you for visiting my blog. I love looking through yours. These photos are quite beautiful and it looks a beaut place to visit. We like our little trips too, and it's usually by the water.
It's lovely being able too a little piece of Ireland through your eyes.

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