Thursday, 17 May 2012

the week that was...

sunshine and showers

This week we had a lot of heavy showers,
this photo was taken while I was waiting for my son to come out of school
it's funny because even though
we are always complaining about the rain here 
 I love the feel of it on my face

When tucked up indoors rain is so comforting and when you are out and about
it is fresh and invigorating
I don't think I could live in a country that has long dry spells and very little rain. 

do you like rain ?

long walks
lovely horses

kiss kiss....

 love you Mum!

 crafted wooden horses too....

pretty pink

at home

my two boys studying
 for their exams -
one for his university finals 
so is pretty stressed
- the other guy
so laid back he is almost comatose!

I hope that you are having a
h a p p y week
and that life is good.


TexWisGirl said...

great set of photos! really love those horse sculptures!

Ellie said...

I get a bit fed of the rain to be honest - we get a bit too much for my liking. I do like a bit of sun and heat on my face. :))
I also have a daughter doing her higher exams - her last one is on monday and then it is just the wait till August for the results. She needs 2 b's to get into university. Stress all around.
Your pictures are lovely - the horse pictures are too cute.
Take care.

Jill said...

I do like the rain very much...just not all of the time.

The horses are just precious and the horse sculptures are amazing! The clematis are lovely. Good luck to you handsome boys on their tests!

Bouncin Barb said...

Really great photos. I do love listening to the rain. Especially in the early morning hours. It's so calming.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

I do like the rain but not when it rains so hard I get 4 inches in my basement like what happened a couple of weeks ago.
Love the pictures of the horses. The crafted wooden horses are interesting.

Jen said...

Wonderful pictures. I like rainy days! The horses are beautiful, and nice to get a peek at your boys.

orchid said...

Dearest Fiona,
We will have a rainy season soon, but we need that blessing form the nature♪
I loved and enjoyed your great photos♡♡♡
Love you always, xoxo Miyako*

Lynne said...

I love the rain and love even more when the skies open with many bright spots. . .

SizzleandZoom said...

Great photos! I love the rain. The only weather I do love. I love what it does for my roses and other flowers.

Yiota said...

Looks like we've had the same weather! I love rain, too but mostly the summer showers. Not very fond of cold, grey, rainy days.
Love your clematis!

Anne said...

Hi Fiona! Hope it warms up soon! My son is doing college exams also! My other son is sitting the leaving cert next month and very laid back:) Hope you have a lovely weekend:)
Anne xx

CameraCruise said...

Wonderful shots!
I think we've had to much rain this year, but it's forgotten as soon as the sun is shining, like today.
Wish you a wonderful weekend.

Pieces of Sunshine said...

There certainly is something refreshing about rain, although we live where floods are possible, so we greet it with mixed feelings when it persists. The wooden horses are almost identical to your first photo of the live ones - lovely. Hope your boys both do well!


GardenofDaisies said...

I do love rain! It always makes me want to curl up with a good book or bake cookies. I'm originally from the pacific northwest of the US, where it rains a LOT. We get quite a bit of rain where I live now too. I love the sound of rain on the roof, and how fresh everything smells afterwards. I bet I would feel right at home there in Ireland.
Hope your boys do well. My son just finished taking finals last week. (He just completed his third year of University. One more year and then hopefully on to Grad school.)

stardust said...

Welcome back, Fiona! It’s so nice to see you again on this blog. I didn’t realize your comeback, so thanks for coming to my blog to say hello. I like rain as far as it doesn’t cause disasters. I like the sound of softly falling rain, the smell of mixture of leaves and soil, and even the drumming on my umbrella. However, rain contains yellow sand from China this season, which I don’t like. The kissing animals are so lovely and remind me of deer in Nara Park. I often see them kissing lightly just when they pass by. Have happy days ahead.


Riet said...

What beautiful photo's of the horses kissing. Gorgeous. I don't mind rain really. Stressful times for your sons. I had four so I know what that was like. Have a good Sunday.

demie said...

oh! sometimes it's difficult for me to remember how it was growing up in Greece, during those long dry summers. Sometimes I do miss it though. But rain has become a good thing now. Everything turns green and fresh and beautiful...

I know I have been a stranger for a while now. I dont feel like blogging for the time being and that makes it more difficult to visit dear blog friends. I do hope you are doing well. Good luck to your boys with their exams. Enjoy the rain : )

xoxoxo from Norway

Rosewalk Cottage said...

sweet pictures of the horses kissing. Thank you for sharing.

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

u are so lucky.

Bonnie said...

Stunning photos of the horses. I can see you are busy too. I have been working hard in my garden and away from blogland. So much to do but yes I am happy and well. So sweet of you to think of me. I think I am better visiting my blogging friends in the winter. Haven't posted since Easter but I will soon post something new.

Blessings to your family and good wishes for the guys studying. Have a great weekend.


WHOA. I saw those beautiful horses in the field and then saw that one picture of wooden ones and thought something bad had happened to ones in field. LOL relieved to know it didn't. ANYWAY. I love the GENTLE touch of the rain. It soothes my senses. A cleansing of sorts. Hope you boys get TOP marks on their exams. take care. PS) thank you for the prayers. we'll know more end of next week.

Words Of Deliciousness said...

Lovely photos. I love the ones of the horses.

Franka said...

This *rainy* pic is so nice - and of course the horses and the boys!!!


♥ Franka

Christine @ Stonehouse Living said...

Hi Fiona,
I do love the rain too! Especially the smell of it...but then I love the smell of water too! There is none other. We could really use some rain, hopefully some will come next week. Our flowers need it. Lovely photos! Have a lovely weekend.
All the Best,

Eileen said...

I love the horse ones, both real and crafted. Hope you're all well and good luck to your sons in their exams.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Fiona, I'm so glad that you're back...I have missed you, your beautiful words and photographs. I love walking in the rain and watching it from inside too.

Those horse sculptures are beatiful with so much movement in them.

Emilie's daughter said...

I am like you: I would not want to live in an area where it never rains. Rain is precious and especially after a hot day very soothing. The horse sculptures are wonderful and I think you have very good sons studying so hard! No wonder with a mother like you.... Christa

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