Thursday, 12 July 2012

My, oh my, oh my......

 it's Thursday again,
where has the week gone,
blink and you'd miss it!

Busy busy days here in Raindrops land!

My hydrangea is doing nicely
I drag it into the porch everytime it rains
so the flowers still look fresh
maybe that's the secret of 
a good garden in Ireland....
cover all your plants with a giant umbrella??

I had a lovely surprise yesterday 
I found some sweetpeas 
hidden behind a hedge
I didn't  plant them so they must have drifted in from somewhere else 
and so I put them on the kitchen table
in my favourite jug!

and while the sun shone(for an hour or so)
I took a photo of poppies in the garden
 unfortunately they don't look quite so healthy today after another downpour....

but these cute little guys seem very happy with the weather that we are having....
Sometimes I wonder why my flowers are flattened down and  bashed
I always blame the dreaded rain
 today in the flowerbed I discovered
 Mister Charlie in a bid to find a ball!

Mum has been here for a  few days so I'm on the go as she likes to be on the move  
(all of the time, every minute of everyday)
we did a lot of looking around the shops, 
yummy coffees,  lunches out
and just enjoying our time together
where she gets her energy from I don't know.

She has just gone home and I'm exhausted
she is like a 5 year old skipping and jumping around the place and she is 75!
She must be doing something right as she looks fantastic
- I better start skipping and jumping
watch this space.....

 The lovely creative Emma at
has awarded me the Liebster award. 
I am so delighted to receive it
and have a big smile on my face 
I have to pass it onto 3 blogs
this is proving to be a very difficult job
so I have decided to award the Liebster
to blogs that have under 30 followers
they defintely should have more
 as they  make lovely reading.
Please check them out!

So in no particular order -

(flippity flippity flippity flip) ....

 we have been invited to a very special party next Sunday
 and so I wanted to get a bag and shoes to go with the dress I intended to wear.

When out  shopping with "on the go" Mum
and "still sad" daughter 
I got the perfect bag and these lovely shoes
they were the only pair in the shop 
and were my size
so obviously I had to have them!

(How I'll walk in them is anyone's guess)

I put the bag and shoes with the dress 
 all looked absolutely wonderful and perfect
 happy happy me
I was so delighted with my choice (and taste) yippee 

I tried to get into the dress
and to tell you  it was snug is an understatement
even if I let nothing but water pass my lips
 for the next few days (months)
It won't fit
 I have to go shopping again tomorrow
 and am going to buy a pair of those
huge ginormous monstrous pull me in knickers
 suck my breath 
in and in....
 and in and in....
(and very very very deeply)
and hope for the best!

Fingers crossed!!!

Wishing you all a healthy, happy week
full of
 sunshine, smiles and lovely things 


TexWisGirl said...

you make me laugh. and i'm jealous of your sweet and energetic mom! love the ducks and your adorable pup!

Jill said...

Your Mom is adorable! Your flowers beautiful! Your ducks darling! Love the shoes too. You would be surprised at how much water weight you can lose in a week by drinking 8 glasses of water a day!

Fiona said...

Ah Jill, I would want to drink 8 glasses of water
and eat nothing for the next year or so to fit into "that" dress!!!!
Think I was dillusional!!!

Thanks for the enouragement though! xxxx

Aunt Barb said...

Thanks for the blog award. I,d love to have more people follow me! Why have I not been following you? I thought I put you on my google reader. Lots of catching up to do. I love Charlie! He looks just like my neighbor Simon! My! Your mom looks fabulous by the way!
Be well!

Crafty Gardener said...

Lovely hydrangea. A friend is Scotland is always taking her plants into the greenhouse to save them from the rain and cooler temperatures. Good luck on the shopping trip and have fun at the party.

Barbara F. said...

Hi Fiona, I love your shoes, I don't think I could walk in them, no way!! I remember my mom having lots of energy and I seemed to have no energy at an earlier age. Not good. Have to rectify that. Wish we would get some of your rain drops to fall over here. xo

Lynne said...

Your mom looks wonderful . . . sorry she tired you out. Your photos are excellent. Good luck with the "snugly up garment" for your dress. I love the shoes! Not sure what the Liebster Award is but I will give a shout out to Babs, my dear friend. Now I will go visit the other two.

Bonnie said...

Your header is gorgeous! Pictures are so pretty. I love the sweetpeas and the poppies ready to open are so pretty. Love seeing your mum and hearing about all the fun you had. I like your shoes but I couldn't walk in them for sure! Good luck shopping.

Anne said...

Fiona I love your flower garden. It's so colorful. The ducks are so cute and Charlie is cute too. Oh and the shoes...there cute too. =)

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Hi Fiona, Your hydrangeas are beautiful and I love the sweetpeas. I haven't seen any for ages. Your mom looks wonderful. I wish I had her energy. Good luck with the shopping and have fun at the party.

Claudia Moser said...

I am also spending time with my mom and I can understand you :) but it is so wonderful! I am so lucky to have her. As for your dress, you will get inspired soon!

Riet said...

LOL good luck with the knickers, I have been there, don't think it really works, get anither dress a size bigger lol the shes will go with anything they are beautiful.


My goodness have you been busy. Your flowers are delightful. I so enjoy seeing them. My yard is full of weeds. I can no longer nurture it because of my mobility issues. Glad you and your mom got a chance to visit. GOOD LUCK with the wardrobe. The shoes are gorgeous.

sexta-feira said...

Good morning Fiona!
Your shoes look great! I find it difficult to walk in high heels too, so when I really have to do it, I hold on tight to my boyfriend and try to pretend I'm wearing flats. Haha.
There must be a secret energy pool for mums; they're unstoppable (your children will probably say the same for you ;) )
Don't they say "lovely weather for ducks"? Your picture is made to explain this idiom!
Enjoy your weekend and have a wonderful time at the party!

Natalia Glazacheva said...

Ooooh, Fiona your post is gorgeous! It put a smile at my face XD! So sweet! Love all your pictures: sweet hidrangea, GoRgEoUs poppies and StUnNiNg sweetpeas (I wish I find such a beautiful flowers at my garden too :o) lucky you!) and your new shoes and garden as well :o) Congrats on your Award!
Happy, sunny and most lovely day to you
kisssssssses to you and to your sweet Mom

Sandra said...

Well that was a nice friendly posting with lots of different things happening! I love all those flower shots and they all match in colour! How lovely that the sweetpeas decided to set down roots behind your hedge! I love the ducks waddling past your camera! Good luck with the dress! I know how that feels!!
My son has just done a business trip to Ireland (Shannon) and said he had a gorgeous and unforgettable time and that the people were so friendly!
Have a beautiful Thursday and take some time just for you so that it won't seem to whiz by quite so fast! I've just been sitting on my balcony for an hour reading a lovely book and time seemed to stand still.

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Lovely photos Fiona! I am in love with your shoes! Gorgeous! And your hydrangea is stunning - sadly ours haven't flowered this year. And what luck finding beautiful sweetpeas, I do so adore their scent.
Victoria xx

eileeninmd said...

Hi Fiona, I am sorry I missed your Green Day post. Maybe next time. I love your Dog Charlie, he looks like my Goldie Girl. Your Mom is looking fantastic. Your flowers are all gorgeous the hydrangeas and the poppies are some of my favorites. I guess the ducks are loving the wet weather. I hope the sun shines on you, have a great day.

Giga said...

Niech już u Was przestanie padać,ogród ma już dość wody, życzę tego. Kaczki jednak z deszczu są zadowolone. Mama wygląda wspaniale i też bym tak chciał wyglądać, będąc w jej wieku.Mam nadzieję, ze piesek znalazł piłkę. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
Let it stop raining in you garden has had enough water, I hope so. Ducks, however, are satisfied with rain. Mom looks great and I would just want to look at its wieku.Mam hope the dog found the ball. Yours warm.

Anonymous said...

Your Mum sounds like an amazing woman, I shall start skipping also:) Charlie's sure is a handsome pup. Your hydrangeas and lavender poppies are so delightful.

I love your happy upbeat post today, Fiona.

Sending you sunshine from south Florida,
Pam :)

Cloudy said...

Die Enten sind so niedlich, habe ich so noch nie gesehen...

Lieben Gruß

BECKY said...

Hi Fiona! It's great to find your blog! Such a lovely , cheerful place! Love your hydrangeas, horses, and duckies, and what a blessing to have your Mum there with you!!
Have a wonderful day!

EM Illustrator said...

Hi Fiona,
Beautiful pictures of your flowers and garden - brought a smile to me.
Lovely shoes :-) but I would never be able to walk in such heels, since I am very tall I'd be like the Eiffel Tower [hehe].
Lovely post today. Have a fantastic Thursday!


inge said...

Thank you so much for my lovely award my first and only award.

I so love sweet pea and do not have any in my garden but the colours are so pretty.

Love the shoes I am great for buying high shoes and then never wearing them.

My Little Home and Garden said...

Your garden looks so pretty, Fiona, and your mom is lovely! Good luck with the dress and walking in the shoes!

Love Bears All Things said...

I love your is inviting and says "come sit a spell". Do you know the song: You Raise Me Up: by Josh Groban....That song comes to mind when I see a setting like this one.....
Happy Days,
Mama Bear

Walking on Sunshine... said...

You are so funny! Enjoy shopping for a new dress to go with those beautiful shoes! The photos of your garden are beautiful. Your mom sounds like my mom, only my mom is 80 and just had open heart surgery in April and is up and going and bouncing also! Enjoy your day!

SweetMarie said...

You're so funny! I wouldn't be able to walk in those shoes! LOL They are very lovely! I love shoes, but I wear a lot of flip flops and sandals. Your flowers are beautiful! The ducks are so cute! Did you see my post with Mama Mallard and her new babies?? Charlie is the cutest though!!! Have a great Thursday!

Anne said...

Hi Fiona! Love all your photos! I'm laughing because my mum is exactly the same when she visits...on the go the whole time:) Long may it last! Gorgeous shoes,I hope you get the dress situation sorted:)
~Anne xx

In My Wild Eden said...

Hi Fiona. Such lovely flowers! I have an "on the go" Mom-in-law. She is wonderful. I wish I had that kind of energy! Lucky for me, my husband got his energy from his mom and he makes up for my lack. Congrats on your award!

Laurel's Quill said...

Hi Fiona...thanks so much for following me!!! Love your post too!!! You meet the best people on blogs!! Laurel

Anonymous said...

Well, Fiona. I felt happy just reading your post. I'm sure I was smiling throughout the whole time I read it!
Wonderful photos...your garden & flowers are gorgeous! I'd like to know your Mum's secret to being so energetic!? I just turned 41 last week and I feel pretty tired all the time these days.

Congrats on your award - you are very deserving of it!

Ellie said...

Hi Fionam your hydrangea is very lovely - such a beautiful colour, and sweetpeas are one of those flowers that take me right back to my childhood. My dad used to grow them and when I was in primary 1 at school I used to take my teacher a bunch of them on occassion. The perfume from them is just lovely.
What an energetic mum you have, where does she get all of that energy from - I could really be doing with some this week. :)
I hope you find a really lovely dress to wear.

andrea@townandprairie said...

Just eat nothing but peaches and you'll be just peachy! Just kidding! The shoes are knockouts!

orchid said...

Dearest Fiona,
What a lovely post♡♡♡ Beautiful hydrangea and so on!
Haha, I am jealous that you still have that wonderful energetic mother; mine had passed away in the year 2,000. She was 69 years old and still miss her a lot. Love you always from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

geetlee said...

Fiona, your post made me laugh out loud.. it's such a happy post :)
Love all your shots, your mum is so so pretty

geetlee said...

P.S. love your header too

BlueShell said...

Love your flowers an your dog!!!
I'm on a diet too...LOL an exercising...a lot!!!
I'll tell you about the a year!!!

Kiss BShell

Leovi said...

Beautiful photos with beautiful colors, beautiful flowers.

Debbie said...

your garden is gorgeous, so full of color, it's just beautiful!!

i have a mom like that, she is 78 and i can't keep up. it's shameful!!

the shoes are pretty to look at but i would never be able to walk in them!!

so happy you dropped by, it's all about purple"!!!

Lisa said...

Wow - sweet peas which came up "by themselves" - lovely!

GardenofDaisies said...

Your hydrangeas are gorgeous! As are the other flowers. And the ducks are the cutest!! I can't wear heels like that anymore... they make my feet hurt too much. Hope you have fun at your party!

lenalima said...

Lindas imgens!

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