Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bits and bobs....

Well it has been a quiet week here in Raindrops land,
daughter still broken hearted
(thought it was bruised but think at this stage it hurts a bit more than that)
We had lots of tears, hugs but the good news is that she has perked up a bit...

I did a bit of gardening during the week
(well between the many showers)
and I paid a visit to the local garden centre where I bought
two lovely hydrangeas,
one is lavender and the other a dark pink.

My husband laughed at me earlier today as I took them in out of the rain
in case they got wet!!

my roses were pretty for a day or two
until the dreaded wet got to them!
Raindrops on roses
and lots and lots of them....

 I thought that I would share a photo of me
taken by my son during the week....

oops that's not me
although my feet are almost identical....

this is me
and this is the outfit I have been wearing all Summer, day in day out.....
a spotty rain mac and a yellow brolly....

Saturday we woke to sunshine
and so decided to make the most of it,
 we went for a long walk,
ate al fresco, lit the woodburning stove
and sat outside until late last night,
eating lovely food, sipping wine,
chatting and laughing with the kids,
happy happy days....

Charlie seemed to enjoy it too!

As yesterday was out best day I thought I would share some photos of our walk...

my lovely blogging friends were celebrating the 4th of July and Canada day
and with Britain in the tennis finals
 I thought I would show our own lovely Irish flag too!

two of my two big men
(the other one was working)

just look at that sky!!


ps. it's raining today
so the sunshine was shortlived!
Any of you experiencing very hot temps
I hope that it cools down soon for you.

I hope that you have all had a good week.
Looking at the beautiful photos from Green Day it seems as though everyone was very busy and the feedback to the link up is great.
Thank you all so much for participating.

pps I tried to change the banner on my blog
and it ended up a disaster,
the name disappeared
did you ever start something
and half way through
wish you hadn't bothered....

Wishing you all a healthy, happy week
full of
 sunshine, smiles and lovely things 


robin. said...

what a wonderful series of photos...thanks for taking us along on your sunny day!!!

oldthings said...

Ιt is so beautiful emotion you feel at the end of a wonderful and creative day. Thanks you shared with us! Here it is so hot , we can't breathe !!
Have a nice week

Half Acre said...

I love looking at your photo's! I hope the sun comes back out for you again this week.
Have a great week.

chubskulit said...

I love the weeping willow tree!

My Shadows
Have a blessed Sunday.

PS. Now following your blog, please feel free to follow any of my blogs that you like.

Lynne said...

Beautiful photos . . . Loved the warm fire look with the dog! Sad for your daughter . . . love gone away is heartbreak. Difficult to realize there are "more fish in the sea!". Give her a hug from me.

I liked "your look" by the way although non stop rain, rain coats and brolly/umbrella each day gets to be exhausting. I hope you are enjoying some more sunshine. Our 100 degree temps finally let up . . . first time I have been able to sit on the porch for weeks!

Wishing you happy, sunny days Fiona . . .

Leslie said...

Pretty post. We could use some of your rain in Baltimore. I love your raincoat! Charlie looks like one of my boys - super cute!!!!! Have a great day.

TexWisGirl said...

such gorgeous scenes! glad you got a spot of sunshine to enjoy. we have too much of it and need your rain. :) green day will get harder to join up with as the summer in texas gets worse! :)

My Little Home and Garden said...

Lovely photo of you in the colourful raincoat! It sounds like you made the best of your sunny day and had a gorgeous walk. Did one photo go missing? I'm seeing a black box with an exclamation point in it where the second picture should be. Lost in the rain, no doubt. It's funny that you should mention the header was giving you grief (been there) as I was thinking how beautiful it was!

Enjoy your Sunday, Fiona, rainy or not.

Sherry said...

When the sun comes out -- you've simply GOT to take advantage...I'm glad you did...and were able to leave off the mac and the brolly at least for one day! xo

Love Bears All Things said...

You sure found a pleasant place to walk, lovely....we are still having very hot temperatures, it has to break soon....we've had a few showers (too small to measure)...I guess this is what is meant by Lazy days of Summer, you sure can't do much because of the heat....Thank God for AC and fans, otherwise I can't imagine how we'd survive....I know we both grew up without AC but we've become used to it now.....I didn't make many photos this week so didn't participate. I'll try to do better this week.
Mama Bear

Cloudy said...

Es ist ein schöner Bericht, auch wenn das Wetter nicht so schön ist. Bei uns regnet es auch sehr oft, aber wir geben die Hoffnung nicht auf, iregndwann wird es Sommer...

Lieben Gruß

BlueShell said...

A broken heart is something terrible...i know what I say!
I think I have some "hydrangeas"...but mine are white!
The fire...and Charlie...LOVELY
....Nice to see you...with the umbrella!LOL
Nice , great photos...

EM Illustrator said...

Hi Fiona, we have to make the most of it when we have a sunny day. I spent the day in town with a friend and had some nice time out. But this morning it was dark and gloomy again. Not much to do I'm afraid, but I do miss wearing my summer clothes though [lol]. Have a lovely week!


Anonymous said...

It was fun to look through your eyes on your week.
The night dining sounds lovely.
I love your rain jacket. :)

Thisisme. said...

What a lovely post today, Fiona. But you are a cheat - I got all excited there for a moment, and thought I was going to see a photo of you! You little rascal! Love the spotty raincoat though. Thank goodness you managed to get a walk in yesterday. It's so good to get out in the air in view of the terrible weather we have been having, isn't it? What gorgeous colours on the hydrangeas. I'm afraid my poor roses are in quite a sorry state. The buds are just rotting with the wet before they even get a chance to open :( Isn't it lovely to eat al fresco. So glad you took the opportunity to do that! Let's hope for much brighter skies during this coming week. Hugs.

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Fiona , your pics are always pretty.
I hope your girl fine now.

Riet said...

YOu look beautiful in your spotty mac . It looks like my husband took the photo, he always misses the head. LOL.
I love all your photo's. Have a great week.

ashok said...

you have veru colorful and lively blog! enjoyed your post.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Your photos are lovely, Fiona. Could you send some of that rain our way! It has cooled down here from the 100's to the 80's and humidity from the 70's to 50 or 60"s. So it is a little more comfortable. But no rain in sight.
Have a wonderful week!

sexta-feira said...

What a beautiful post! Ireland is such a magical country with these landscapes and its vibrant green everywhere!
Your raincoat is lovely, so pop-arty!
I hope it stops raining soon so that you can enjoy gardening and all your colorful flowers.
Enjoy the new week!

Anne said...

Lovely post Fiona! I enjoyed the sun yesterday too! I love your colourful raincoat...I am sick of wearing my beige one at this stage! Hope you have a lovely week:)
~Anne xx

SizzleandZoom said...

Gorgeous post. I enjoy your photos so much. I like your (new?) header.

Crafty Gardener said...

At least through all the rain you are dressed in bright and cheerful colours.

Ellie said...

Oh I'm so jealous - you had a beautiful blue sky, even if it was only for 1 day. When it's not raining our sky is grey. It is miserable isn't it? Although I feel really guilty moaning about our rain when people are having really hot temps and forest fires and other parts have much worse rain and flooding.
We very nearly got to see you there under that brolly :))
The scenery in your pictures looks very beautiful.
Take care and have a great week.

Claudia Moser said...

My my here are some great pictures! Lovely indeed. Happy Monday


What my outside herbs wouldn't give for some of that rain you're having. Your hydrangeas are quite pretty. I LOVE your spotty mac. It looks just like the pattern on my suitcase. Your countryside is just gorgeous there. Tell your daughter this too shall pass. Take care.

Sofia said...

What a lovely raincoat!

Little Dotty Bird said...

Looks like you had a lovely weekend and I like your summer wear!! At least its bright and cheery despite the yuk weather! And as for technology, I managed to stuff up my profile picture on my blog, I deletd it so I could upload a new one and it wont let me, just says that I am over my upload I'm stuck with nothing now! x

Jill said...

Such beautiful photos, Fiona! Although...I do wish you had shown us your lovely face! Maybe next time?

orchid said...

Dearest Fiona,
I love the hydrangeas; they are really pretty in Japan as well. And thank you very much for your beautiful pictures from the walk♡♡♡ Whew... many kind of different type of weather conditions which are tough for us!
And I fell a bit relieved to hear about your daughter, happy for her having such a caring mother☆☆☆
Sending you love from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

andrea@townandprairie said...

I see the title in the photo though.. that's not where you wanted it? Lovely landscape photos...the hydrangeas are delish! Let me scoop some up for myself!

Lisa said...

You certainly have some spectacular scenery there, Fiona.

SweetMarie said...

I just love your happy, colorful raincoat! At least your stylin' in the rain. :) These photos are all so pretty! Charlie is adorable! We have three puppy dogs. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Hanne Bente said...

Hallo. Great pictures you show.
I've been in Ireland in 1996 - may well remember from my trip there that it often rained.
It is called also the Ireland "the Emerald Isle".
Wishing you a good day / good new week.
Hanne Bente

Natalia Glazacheva said...

What a beautiful pictures, Fiona! Love them all! All of them are Perfect! Hope your daughter will find her way to change her life soon (if I miss something I feel much harder if don`t have something else to fill this void)
Wishing you and all your Family have a sunny summery and happy week
lot of love

Emma @ The Blooming Times said...

Hi Fiona, I nominated you for a little something...go and have a look xxx

Amanda said...

Hello Fiona
I am your newest follower and Emma at The Blooming Times has recommended your blog!

This is a quickie to say hello and I'm off now to enjoy a virtual walk through those impressive photos in your latest post.

keep well

Amanda :-)

stardust said...

Because we have rainy days, we appreciate sunny days all the more. Rain is not all that bad if only not torrential. Protected by the waterproof items like your lovely raincoat, walking is fun listening to the tap taping on the umbrella. Your happiness shines through the beautiful photos. Have a nice week.


sexta-feira said...

Congratulations to you too Fiona!
If Emma hadn't chosen you first, you'd be on my list! I've obtained plenty of blogging friends thanks to you and your Green Day!
Enjoy your afternoon! :)

inge said...

Love this post it's full of colour. Your poor daughter a broken heart is so tough and you feel thier pain. Hope you do not need to wear your raincoat this week.

Barbara F. said...

What great photos, Fiona (I do love that name!!). I wish we would get some rain, just heat, heat, and more heat. Although this week promises to be a bit cooler, my garden is shot, though, and it won't be coming back. :/ Thanks for the follow, and I am following right back! xo

Eileen said...

I like your spotty mac. Another great post and I love your green day pictures.

Amish Stories said...

Very nice images folks and our heat wave in the states seems to be breaking now starting today (Monday), and its amazing how much a drop of say 15 degrees can make a huge difference. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,pa

Ellie said...

Hi Fiona, I came back here to respond to your comments.
We are all fine here in wet Ayrshire - apart from very fed up of the rain, groan moan. :)
The red carpet is great - I can't get over the difference it makes to our hall. Although the red bits of fluff that come off it is just a wee bit annoying - doing quite a lot of hoovering.
Our girls are all fine - Laura our oldest (23 next month) is looking at flats, she getting to the stage where she is thinking of moving out. I will really miss her if she does.
Hope you and yours are all fine!!!

Amanda said...

Me again
Thank you for joining my blog...and many thanks for your kind comments on my latest post.

lovely photos everything is so green and the colour of the roses intense...beautiful
wish it would rain here...everyone is wishing for what they haven't got ...ah well us being human I suppose LOL

Keep well

Amanda :-)

Anna V. said...

I always get in such a good mood reading your posts! You have that positive glow around you, I guess. :) I hope you will have more of those pretty, sunny days - although I really love your raincoat! We are having a rainy day, too, but that's okay. I hoping for good weather next week as we are going on a little trip with friends.

Sending your daughter lots of hugs and happy thoughts,
Anna V.

oldthings said...

Hello Fiona
Thank you for your sweet comment. Unfortunately we live in town, her name is Thessaloniki. Is the second largest city in Greece. If you have heard from history is that of Alexander the Great! The population is 1,500,000 people. She has blocks and generally much cement ... So hot ... The village that I posted is the location we want to do a little cottage .. We'll see ...
Have a nice day

Rosewalk Cottage said...

Hi Fiona!
Great post! Your photos are just beautiful. Have a great day.

Rosewalk Cottage said...

I love your banner!

mylittlecottage said...

nice post your sharing here thanks looking for to visit more...blessings

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Yes I struggle with my blog banner too. I am afraid to tackle it again. Wish I was smarter about such things. Sorry your daughter has been sad. I have four so we have lots of emotion in this house all the time. Such a lovely place you live despite the rain. We need some here but we never get rain in the summer. Too dry here. Thanks so much for taking the time to join the party.

Giga said...

Oby Ci kupione hortensje pięknie kwitły. Ja mam 5 w ogródku i żadna nie będzie kwitła. Spacer i zdjęcia z niego są wspaniałe. Życzę poprawy pogody, ale nie życzę takich upałów jakie u nas są ostatnio. Pozdrawiam.
May you bought hydrangeas bloomed beautifully. I have five in the garden and none of them will bloom. Walk and photos of him are great. I wish the weather improved, but I do not wish such hot weather that we are at last. Yours.

CameraCruise said...

Hi Fiona,
Great post and beautiful photos.
Love to see your roses, mine have just started blooming. Looks like everything is late this year.
I have only 1-2 peonies too on my plants.
Wish you a wonderful summer.

Anne said...

Fiona these pics are really super. So pretty. I hope you get more sunshine soon!

eileeninmd said...

Everything does look green and beautiful in Ireland. I am hoping to take a trip there next year, either with my hubby or my sister. The hydrangeas you picked are just lovely, the colors are beautiful. And Charlie is a beauty, I love goldens. Looks like you had a pretty day for a walk, the scenery is green and beautiful. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

I love the colorful pokadots and the sunny yellow umbrella covering your dry head:)

So sorry your daughter is broken hearted, Fiona, I know how it breaks a Moms heart to see her child hurt.
I so enjoy seeing your family and beautiful countryside.

Thank you for following and your kind and gracious comments, Fiona.
Be well and happy :) Think sunny thoughts!

Chatty Crone said...

Girls have such a deep heart and love when they fall in l love. I love that raincoat. And it is so green there probably from all the rain. Love the weeping willows in that water too. sandie3

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