Friday, 26 October 2012

Autumn Lovlies & Green Day 19...

Here in Raindrops land the weather has been foggy, damp and miserable
but we did have a blue sky on Sunday
Happy days
In the Kitchen...
baked some cakes but they were demolished very quickly by the 3 men in this house
 I could bake everyday and it still wouldn't be enough to feed them!
I made a coffee and walnut loaf (my favourite)
out of the same mix
I made a chocolate and orange loaf and a zingy zangy
lemon loaf
easy peasy lemon squeezy!

To make 2 loaves you need the following ingredients
4 eggs, 8oz caster sugar,  8oz soft butter, 16oz self raising flour,
 add about 4 half egg shells of milk and just beat the lot together, voila!
 If I want lemon cake I add grated lemon rind  and substitute some of the milk with lemon juice
for coffee cake I add some coffee essence
 for basic light fruit cake, grated orange zest  and some of the juice and a packet of mixed dried fruit,
Orange and chocolate chip - add orange rind and a packet of chocolate chips.

All baked in a loaf tin at 160 fan oven for approx 35 minutes.
This mix can be used for buns too
I love baking,
measuring out the ingredients

putting the mix into the tins and popping  them into the oven
the wonderful aroma that fills the house
after I have baked my kitchen always resembles a war zone
 and the washing up, oh dear, oh dear oh dear!
*** is it just me or are you a messy cook too?

Because I cakes I needed a stand to display them on
so I bought this one for €18 in Dunnes Stores
it is so pretty with or without cakes!

I bought a mug to match for when I am having my cuppa €3
and the cutest little delph spoon - 75c

Home & Garden...
The orchid I got during the Summer is thriving
and I think that for €8 it was certainly good value!
Ordered one of my very  favourite dvds from Amazon - Captain Correlli's Mandoin
brilliant  soundtrack, scenery, love story and Mr. Cage comes across as very manly and a bit of a hunk.
Not a huge fan of his in anything else but in this he just hits the spot.
What's your favourite curl up on the sofa movie?

Where I live
photos from my walk with Mr. Raindrops yesterday

and finally an Award...
Thank you to the lovely Natasha who has given me The Versatile Blogger award
I really appreciate this award, thank you Natasha.
Natasha has a wonderful blog Made by Natalie visit her and drool !!
I will pass the award on next week as this post is so long
 and I'm sure you have read enough of my ramblings at this stage!!!

 Green Day 19

Well it's Friday and so it is Green Day

The usual rules apply...
Thank you to all who participate I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do
Raindrops and Daisies


SizzleandZoom said...

Wonderful post with the beautiful photo of the tree with red leaves and the one with the reflection of
the tree in it. Sublime orchids. My post tomorrow is not green worthy.

Evi @ sexta-feira said...

Breathtaking pictures Fiona! Who minds the fog and humidity when the place is so magical?

I was sipping on my Guinness the other day telling my boyfriend how much I'd like to visit Ireland again. Maybe I should show him this post! :)

I haven't seen the entire Mandolin, I don't know why. I'm a great fan of The Notebook. Do you like it?

Have a great day!

orchid said...

Dearest Fiona,
OMG, your pictures are so GORGEOUS and STUNNING. You will know which one is my favorite, "your thriving orchid"♬♬♬ Very colorful and beautiful. Your cake looks really yummy; how lucky your guys in your family(♥˘◡˘♥)
Your sky with flowers, Autumn pictures and lovely horse; thank you very much for sharing these pictures☆☆☆
Really thankful for hosting again, my friend.
Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Cloudy said...

Lieben Gruß, möge Dein Tag ein guter sein!

Claudia Moser said...

My God, what a lovely collection of pictures! And you know how much I love baking :-) some pending for tomorrow, considered of doing something fruity, like an apple cobbler maybe? Happy Friday my dear!

Life, Loves...... said...

Hi Fiona, They are the kinda cakes I like, mix everything together and hey presto a lovely cake. Like Aunt Lilly's ginger bread I posted this week. Hassle free baking with all the yum!!
A lovely post, beautiful photos and I like the cake stand. Heading to Dunnes this evening so I might just purchase one as well!!

inge said...

I Love something's gotta give I just adore the house and the chemistry between jack Nicholson and diane Keaton.

✿ chica said...

Que maravilha de postagem. Tanto a nos mostrar! O lindo céu, o bolo de nozes, um suporte para bolos maravilhoso e claro as fotos do Green Day.

Gostei muito,Fiona! beijos,tudo de bom,chica

Ailime said...

Olá amiga, toda a sua participação é admirável. Os apetitosos bolos:)), o suporte e a chávena, as variadas fotos, as flores. Excelente. Tenha um óptimo dia verde. Ailime - Sinais de esperança.

Sandra said...

Lovely pictures, Fiona. I love that first one with the cloud and flowers and the BLUE sky! The last one with the reflection and leaves is particularly nice too.
Looks like you had a marvellous baking session. I get lots of washing up too and did American pancakes this morning and couldn't believe all the stuff to wash up!
Have a lovely weekend.

eileeninmd said...

Fiona, what a lovely post. The cakes look and sound yummy. I would love a piece of the Lemmon. I will try your recipe. Your orchid is beautiful and I love the red tree. I hope you have a wonderful week and Happy Green Day!

Rita said...

Great shots all. But, the red trees and all those leaves on the ground are my favorites.

Jacquelineand.... said...

Absolutely beautiful! And, yes, my kitchen always looks like a war zone after I've been baking.

Giga said...

Widok z pierwszego zdjęcia jest cudny i wcale nie jesienny, bo końcowe zdjęcia to już prawdziwa jesień. Podstawka na ciastka jest śliczna i dobrze, że bez ciastek tak ładnie wygląda, bo trzech mężczyzn w Twoim domu błyskawicznie zjada, to co na niej położone. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
The view from the first picture is lovely and not at all autumn, because the final picture is already a real autumn. Stand on the cake is lovely and well, that without cookies look so good, because the three men in your home quickly eats, what its located. Regards warm.

flowers on my table said...

Hi Fiona, I could just go a slice (or 2) of that coffee and walnut cake right now. No wonder you can't keep up with demand, it looks gorgeous.Oh, if it's any compensation, I am a messy cook too.

The photos of your walk look so picturesque.I have a cd of the soundtrack to Captain Corelli's mandolin and it's lovely. I like romantic comedy to curl up to and my faves are 'Somethings gotta Give'and 'It's Complicated.'

Enjoy your weekend, with much love, Linda x

Chloe G said...

Gorgeous photos - especially the first one! And those cakes have made me ever so hungry; I'm going to have to raid the kitchen, though sadly there's nothing quite as scrummy-looking in mine....

Happy Green Day! xx

AmitAag said...

Lovely pictures, Fiona, as always!
Thanks a lot for hosting:)
I'm here this week:

Lynne said...

Wonderful oven cake recipes . . . I must try . . . I too have a mess in the kitchen when I cook and bake. I try, try, try to do it with ease and no mess . . . but it never seems to work.
(I clean up with some zest and vigor though!)

I like your Mr Raindrops name for your husband and think I will begin to call mine, Mr Irish, or Mr Garden House, which would be best?

I love the sound and zing of Mr.Raindrops . . .

TexWisGirl said...

LOVE the walk photos! that fence w/ the golden leaves is GORGEOUS!!! thanks, fiona!

Bia Hain said...

Fiona, imagens espetaculares! a Orquídea está divina e o caminho por qual passa, soberano em seus tons outonais. Fiquei com vontade de comer seu bolo! Um abraço, linda semana!

Daphne Bryson said...

Hello Fiona, Is it really Friday again! Where does the time go. What a great way of baking, 2 cakes for the price of one. Yes, I'm like you I'm afraid when I am baking, I start out well, but then it all goes topsy turvy. I agree with you, I love Captain Corelli's Madolin, the scenery is stunning in the film. Like you, I'm not really a fan of Nicolas Cage, but he is really good in this film. Love the orchid, what a beauty. Have a lovely weekend. Best Wishes Daphne

Eileen said...

Hi Fiona, what lovely pictures. That orchid is amazing - I always manage to kill mine! What's your secret?

Renae said...

O fabulous post today Fiona! Evi said to come over and see and I did! Nice work. Have a fab day, k?

Heidi said...

Hi Fiona,
I love your beautiful pics...Your cakes went fast with the 3 men in your house, but it is also a big compliment to the baker...
Have a lovely weekend! See you on FB.

oldthings said...

Wonderful post Fiona ! I know what you mean when you bake cake !It has disappeared in ten minutes ! Lovely photos of your walk !
Have a nice weekend !

demie said...

Hell Fiona!

I am a bit f a messy cook myself! But like you I enjy very much baking cakes, bread, muffins...anything really!
Thanks for sharing the recipies : )

Love the plate and cup. They are so beautiful!

I think I have seen Captain Correlli's Mandolin about 5 times already! It's a good film!

lts of love to you from Norway

Tangled Sweetpea said...

Gorgeous post Fiona! Scrummy baking. Captain Corelli is one of my favourites too!
Victoria xx

Mama Zen said...

Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

DIMI said...

Hallo Fiona!Beautiful post!Fantastic photos full of Autumn colors!About the movie, i have seen Captain Correlli's Mandolin It's a good film!The film was in a Greek island Keffalonia at the Ionian sea!Wish you a lovely weekend!

Ellie said...

Hi Fiona,
What a great post - but first I have to say I just love coffee and walnut cake, I can't make it in this house though as nobody else like it. Yours looks so tasty. And yes I leave a terrible mess baking and I hate washing up!!!
Your pictures are all lovely but that one with the red leaves is my favourite.
Have a great weekend. :))

Zizi Santos said...

Estou voltando depois de uma viagem.
Seu post está maravilhoso!
As flores e as nuvens irradiam a natureza presente.
Adoro bolo, queria fazer um dos seus, com nozes. Deve ser delicioso!
Um feliz fim de semana

Magia da Inês said...

▒✿ Olá, amiga!
Amei... as fotos, principalmente a primeira... linda!!!!
Bom fim de semana!
Beijinhos do Brasil.

Jen said...

Oh Fiona--what a beautiful and interesting post. I had to go through it twice to savor everything.

Have a lovely weekend!


Felipa said...

I want a coffee and walnut loaf!

SweetMarie said...

Fiona, you always get my full attention with all your lovely photos. Hubby and I enjoyed these together tonight. That coffee and walnut cake sounds so yummy! I so enjoyed the walk, the little horse and red tree was my favorite!
Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Sherry said...

Fiona, that last photograph is more like a painting than a photograph -- it's gorgeous! And your cake...mmmmm! When there's a sunny day after so much rain -- we grab it like the brass ring on the merry go round! Have a fantastic weekend!

Anne said...

Fabulous post Fiona! Love coffee and walnut cake. Your Autumn scenery is magnificent and I love your mug and cake plate from Dunnes. Have a lovely weekend:)
~Anne xx

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Coffee and walnut loaf seems so yummy!

Thanks for your call on and festival wishes. You are an angel from Ireland.

EM Illustrator said...

Good Morning Fiona,

Gorgeous photos, and I love that lovely cup!!
Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog with your little note, I wish you a lovely bank holiday weekend also. It's great to have 3 days off work.


Hugs x


Ayu Maselli said...

Good Morning Fiona,

Just fin your blog from Orchid's,
soo beautiful country land pictures, fall colors,flowers..soo greeny farm,your horses..magnificent.
beautiful Ireland.

hoping you best weekend and fam.

Anonymous said...

Hello, dear Fiona. What a lovely post. The cake stand and matching mug are so pretty. Beautiful orchid too. Wishing you many blessings this weekend. Mildred

meine Dinge ♥ Franka said...

I hope washing up is finished now!

Your images are great!!!!
Love them all!

♥ Franka

Terri @ Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Great collection of shots from your world..loved the photos from your walk.

Renae said...

Fiona my friend! Nice to see you this morning. I had a busy day yesterday. I'll be posting on it on my next post - Yay. Spent time with my daughters and grands = great fun!!!

BlueShell said...


ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wow! Fantastic Orchid shot and wonderful photography ~ food looks very delicious ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Anonymous said...

Fiona, I MUST remember your blog party next week. It was a head-spinning week with all sorts of activities and I had also planned the cancer awareness post for the weekend.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your cake stand. The pattern is absolutely GORGEOUS. Baked goodies fly around here too, and the dishes are ENDLESS...eeeekk.
I haven't watched this movie, but now I'm curious since I'm a huge movie fan. I'm not such a fan of Nicolas Cage either. Favorite curl up movie would be impossible for me to choose since I love so many, but some favorites are Sabrina, The Count of Monte Cristo, Sleepless in Seattle, It's Complicated, and Once Around. See, I can go on forever. ;)
Funny that you mentioned orange and chocolate. I've been making orange chocolate truffles all day. Yummo!
A pleasure to visit with you this evening.

Anonymous said...

Oh Fiona, I just couldn't resist commenting again. The photographs from your walk are simply dreamy. Please take me with you. :) Sigh...well, thanks to blogging at least I can get a peek. Thank you for sharing...yes, I am going to take another look. :)

Lucinha said...


Desculpe-me a demora pra vir, mas eu estava com a visita de uma amiga da Austrália, e me atrasei com as visitas e comentários.
Linda essa primeira imagem do céu é flores, e de tudo que você nos mostrou. Gostei demais do cavalo.
Um lindo Domingo. Abraços.

Shelia said...

Hi Fiona and it's so nice to meet you and thank you for your lovely comment. Oh, what a lovely area you live in with all of your beautiful fall colors. Your cakes look delicious and the cake stand and mug are so pretty!
Hope you'll pop back in again soon.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

My Little Home and Garden said...

The blazing red tree is just spectacular, Fiona! As for the kitchen, I can sympathize with you, not being very neat when I get down to cooking or baking. Some of each is happening here today. I hope the new week is a good one for you.

Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

I just came over from Vee's blog. I enjoyed my visit; you have such a "happy" little corner here! I'll definitely return soon!

jabblog said...

Delicious cakes - I'm hungry now:-)

Ireland is so beautiful because of all the rain. The people are pretty special, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona,
Isn't that traveling apron simply magical? I'm enjoying it so much and I hope to share more recipes and stories soon. I'm thinking of linking one of the posts to Green Day. :)

Saving you a truffle ... or two. ;)

Orvalho do Céu said...

Olá, Fiona
Tenho viajado muito e não tenho podido participar mas vou já agendar pra toda Sexta...
Lindas imagens e sugestivo doce!!!
Bjs de paz e bem

Mary said...

Lovely post...I have not been buy for a involved in day job. Haaahaaa..I'll hope to come by next time.

Betty said...

What a pleasure it is to see and read your posts. The beautiful colours and friendly chat are really heartwarming. Thanks for sharing all of this and brightening my day:)

Shelia said...

HI Fiona! Oh, it's been a horrible storm and we can all join together in blogland and pray for our friends in harm's way. We're just glued to the TV watching this.
Thanks for popping in and have a wonderful day.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Shelia said...

HI Fiona! Oh, it's been a horrible storm and we can all join together in blogland and pray for our friends in harm's way. We're just glued to the TV watching this.
Thanks for popping in and have a wonderful day.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

GardenofDaisies said...

Your tea breads all look delicious. I especially love the sound of the zingy zangy lemon loaf. :-)

Bonnie said...

Dear Fiona, Your photographs are breathtaking. And, it seems the versatile award is well, cooking, gardening... You have lovely blog. I look forward to spending more time browsing.

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting at Living Life. I look forward to becoming well acquainted. I just recently visited you beautiful country. I am already planning another trip. Thank you again. Bonnie

Mike said...

I love the mug and plate set. They are beautiful. You most love that mug. I know everyone has their own favorite mug.

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