Friday, 22 February 2013

52 Weeks of Happy & Green Day

We have had a bit of a set back here with a chimney fire on Wednesday night.  
It was scary but thankfully no one was injured and there wasn't too much damage
but the chimney needs a lot of work
   it's a BIG job and has to be done on both the inside and outside of the house
  because of the this I'm a little shook and so
 I haven't got a lot to share with you today
-sorry, sorry...
Next week will be better I promise...
B U T 
the happy bits...
  Friday at last...

and in 7 hours 45 minutes
 it will be the end of my working week
and then time to relax, have some me-time, read, knit, garden, shop, potter about and
enjoy hot drinks in pretty cups

and of course lots of household drudgery to catch up on too
laundry, ironing, cleaning, changing bed linen, cooking, grocery shopping
and the list goes on and on and on....
but that's family life!
  This week I noticed that my hanging baskets are looking healthy and oh so pretty
and joy oh joy
the days are getting longer...

I don't like getting up in the mornings when it is cold and dark
it is so much easier when there is daylight and even though I don't jump out of bed
I certainly manage to get out with a little spring in my step!
 I have had some lovely walks this week with  Mr. Raindrops and Teenager  Raindrops and 2 crazy dogs
we took ourselves across the plains and it was a workout
but a hugely enjoyable workout
and because it's Friday  it's
{Green Day 33}
Why not post your photos here?
Thank you to all who participate I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do
Raindrops and Daisies

The object of the link up
is to post a photograph of something green.
The photos can be of anything you like
once they have a green theme,
green fields, pretty green things, green clothes,
green leaves, green foods,
anything at all that takes your fancy!

I hope that you will join in the fun.
Now here comes the boring bit - a few rules

1.   Please do not post anything that may be deemed offensive to others.
2.   Only post material that belongs to you.
3.   When posting your photographs please link back to Raindrops and Daisies
4.   Link directly to your Green Day post and not to the url of your blog
5.   Try and visit some of the other participants and leave a comment


Sleepshort said...

Sorry to read about the chimney fire. Hope you have things sorted and back to normal soon.
Your photos are great. Love the plains shots.
Thanks for hosting this fun meme.

Sandra said...

How lovely to have spring-like hanging baskets looking so cheerful at your place. Just looking at them must help you get over your scare with the chimney fire. Thank goodness there wasn't too much damage.
By the way, household chores exist even when you live on your own! It's just part of all of our lives and nice to get out of the way, I know!
Have a lovely weekend! There's a mean wind blowing in this part of the world! My spring flowers are in pots inside my home!

Lynne said...

I like all your green and your pretty cup too. Enjoy your weekend away from work Fiona!

Anonymous said...

Oh no on the chimney fire but good to hear that everyone is safe and sound!
some lovely photos, I love your cup :)
I know what you mean about getting up in the dark and cold! but I have noticed how it is getting lighter now and I am very much looking forward to spring arriving!

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

good luck with the chimney repairs - love that mug.

Lucinha said...


I do not like getting up dark and cold too. Summer time here now, but in winter is hard.
So sorry about the chimmey fire. I hope it will be repair soon.
Have a lovely weekend.

Alessandra said...

Hope that you recovered from the fire accident!!!
have a lovely weekend Fiona, xxxx Ale

✿ chica said...

Que bom que não deu muito problema com fogo. Espero seja logo reparada! E a fotos, lindas! beijos,tudo de bom, linda semana! chica

eileeninmd said...

Fiona, I am sorry about the chimney fire. Any fire would scare me, it is my worse nightmare. You reminded me I should tell hubby to have the chimney cleaned. I hope there was not too much damage. I am so happy it is Friday, I am looking forward to the weekend even though the weather could be icky. I love your photos, the daffies are pretty. Thanks for hosting, have a happy weekend!

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Morning Fiona, Oh you poor thing, the chimney fire obviously shook you up. I hope the nice long walk helped to ease your stress.
How lovely to see your daffodils, you must have a much milder climate as mine are just peeping through the will be a long time before I see any flowers.
Take care of yourself and give yourself a LOT of ME time this weekend.
Best Wishes

Ellie Foster said...

Dear Fiona
I'm so sorry to hear about your chimney fire scare, but pleased that no-one was hurt. Your daffodils are so bright and cheerful (and way ahead of ours here). Look after yourselves and enjoy your weekend - lots of treats on the cards, I hope.
Best wishes

Evi @ sexta-feira said...

Hi Fiona!
I hope your chimney will be repaired soon. The same thing happened to our chimney 10 days ago. It was scary but luckily there wasn't any damage.
I love your photos. They're stunning!
Have a peaceful weekend! :)

confusedmind said...

I am sorry about the chimney fire. It's something that i afraid every time i see the fire in the fireplace to be big.
All your photos are beautiful!
Have a great weekend!

Jannibele said...

Sorry to read about the fire, but happy to hear that no one got injured! Good luck with the repair work. Wish you a nice and green weekend!

Ailime said...

Olá Fiona, que desagradavel esse fogo! Graças a Deus que ninguém ficou ferido. E nada como um passeio ao ar livre para retemperar forças. Lindas fotos. Um abraço. Ailime

inge said...

Oh Fiona so sorry to hear about the chimney fire but at least you were all safe . This happened to my parents and I know how frightening it is at the time. I do hope you have a lovely weekend. Kind thoughts ingrid

Calu said...

Olá Fiona,
estou voltando hoje a participar desta tua gentil blogagem.Me sinto motivada a mostrar um pouco da natureza e das belezas que vejo por aqui.Nosso verão está muito severo, mas o colorido que ele traz encanta a todos.
Teus recantos de floresta são encantadores.Parece que entramos num livro de contos de fada.
Belíssima ramada em amarelo-vivo.

Fiz o link pra cá na palavra Green Day no meu post.Ás vezes me confundo no addyourlink.Tomara que dessa vez eu tenha conseguido fazer direitinho.
À noite visitarei os demais participantes.
Tenha um Lindo Green Day!

val's alentejo said...

Glad that your chimney fire was not too serious.
love your new header Fiona.
The weather was not bad at all while I was in the UK.
I can see you are looking forward to your weekend.
enjoy it all.
your hanging basket is divine.
happy weekend
val x

Allison said...

There you are! So sorry about the fire - yikes, that's terrible! And despite that you manage to post beautiful pictures and thoughts. You're a bright light, Fiona. xoxo

Anne said...

Hope you get the chimney sorted Fiona,hate all these unexpected things that occur out of the blue!Have a lovely weekend:)
~Anne xx

My Little Home and Garden said...

Thank goodness no one was hurt as a result of the fire. I can understand how it would shake you up, Fiona.

A nice weekend is just what you need. Even "drudgery" gives a sense of normalcy; after a frightening experience, the ordinary can be so welcome.

Have a lovely week. (I will participate in Green Day, now and again, after my little project is done for the season. It's just a bit much to keep up with all my "visiting" over the course of a weekend otherwise. Besides, it'll be awhile before I see green outdoors!)


Sherry said...

Glad that all are well and there was no serious damage from the chimney fire, but it must have been terribly frightening. And then of course there is the clean up and repair. So maybe a few lingering "headaches"!

Love your photographs and that spring is making it's presence felt with you...we've a way to go on that yet over here but being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel...with more daylight in the morning and later in the afternoon/evening does my heart good. xo

Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest said...

As I watch the snow falling outside my window, the sight of your photo with the blooms in the hanging baskets gives me hope of spring :)

TexWisGirl said...

love your beautiful walking areas! so sorry about the chimney fire, but thankfully it was contained!

Giga said...

Dobrze, że się nikomu nic nie stało przy pożarze kominka i , że jest już zielono o Was . U nas dalej biało i ciagle sypie sniegiem. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.
Well, that is nothing anyone has a fireplace and the fire that is already green for you. We further white and snow still falling apart. Yours sincerely.

Vane M. said...

Olá, Fiona, as flores amarelas estão encantadoras! Eu gosto mais do inverno do que do verão, porém concordo com você: é mais fácil acordar cedo quando já há luz do dia. Aqui no Brasil estamos chegando ao outono, tem feito um calor terrível. Um abraço!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

How scary - a chimney fire - glad it wasn't worse. Your photos this week are wonderful - I do love green.

Pamela Gordon said...

I'm glad all is well after your chimney fire. Thankfully your home didn't burn down as sometimes happens. Your photos are beautiful and I love your bright hanging basket! Enjoy your weekend off. Blessings, Pamela

Claudia Moser said...

Today I also felt the need to cool down, grateful for the weekend!

Bonnie said...

Fiona, You blog is always so cheerful. I love how you use colorful font and your pictures are so nice. I love the daffodils!

One of these days I am going to have something green to link up to your Green Day. I need to plan something.

I hope you get all those things done you are thinking of. So sorry about your chimney fire.

Have a great weekend.

Leovi said...

Yes, delicious photos with an exquisite green color scheme.

me (maria) said...

Sorry to hear about your chimney...very scary!
I hope it will be repaired soon..

I enjoyed your photos...the flowers are so beautiful!..I will photograph mine tomorrow!
Have a great weekend!

Marie-Anne said...

Hello Fiona,
very sorry to hear about your chimney fire!
I hope everything is fixed by now and
I wish you a nice week-end.
Your daffodils are beautiful !!!

Barbara F. said...

Fiona, your photos are gorgeous, as always, and I love your new Spring header. Happy to be able to join you this week. xo

Lisa said...

Fiona, my co-worker had a chimney fire a week ago today! I hope your house is all right now.

EM Illustrator said...

So sorry to hear about the chimney fire :(
Your flower baskets looks lovely.
Enjoy your weekend!

Eva x

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the chimney fire! I'm sure that was very scary. I'm glad you and your home are both alright.

I hope you have a restful weekend!


Maria Luiza said...

Como sempre suas fotos são um primor. Graças a Deus o problema com o fogo não causou muitos danos e vocês estão bem! Grande abraço, Fiona! Beijos!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Hi Fiona! Sorry about the chimney fire. Fires terrify me. So glad no one was hurt and there was not too much damage.
Love the photos of you walks and your hanging basket.
I hope you are having a good weekend.

thisisme said...

Hi Fiona. I love your spring hanging basket. Like you, I hate getting up when it's dark and miserable outside. Thankfully, the days are getting a little longer each week. I hope it warms up soon though = it's been bitterly cold over here all week. Take care, and I do hope that you get your chimney sorted out without too much mess being made.

Life, Loves...... said...

Oh terrible news about the chimney fire, but glad all are ok. Frightening stuff...

The pic with the sun through the trees is a peach, Fiona!

Bethe77 said...

Im so excited I have found you again. It has been way to long. Love that you are still doing Green Friday. I will have to join in one Friday.

Magia da Inês said...

Fotos muito bonitas.
Bom domingo!
Boa semana!
Beijinhos do Brasil

Paula said...

Your photo's are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for taking us on your walk with you and the Raindrop family. Chimney fires are so scary! We had one last year but all turned out okay. Hope you're having a wonderful and relaxing weekend, with lots of hot drinks in pretty mugs!

Jen said...

Fires can be traumatic--I'm so sorry.
Your pictures are beautiful. Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

flowers on my table said...

Hi Fiona, a chimney fire, that sounds like a bit of unwanted drama? Any handsome firemen? Seriously, it must have been pretty scarey for you all?
Your hanging basket looks lovely, what a good idea to put daffs in. I hope you are feeling calmer now? Much love to you, Linda xx

demie said...

Hello dear Fiona

sorry to read about the fire, but glad it did not cause to much damage! Sound like a lot of trouble, good luck!

Good you mention the blessings of family life ; )

love the tree photos!

enjoy your Sunday evening

Ellie said...

Hi Fiona,
That chimney fire sounds awful - just what you don't need at this time of year (or indeed any time of the year!).
Your pictures are lovely your daffodils are beautiful.
I'm afraid it's Sunday evening now - the weekend just goes by far to quickly for my liking.
Hope you have a better week, take care!

lambs and ivy designs said...

Oh Fiona,
I bet that was scary!!! I am so thankful you caught it before it lead to massive damage!!
What a good reminder to have your chimney cleaned.

Have a sweet and safe week my friend!


Chel C said...

I was so sorry to hear about the chimney fire. I hope the clear up has now been completed and you have had time to relax. Thank you for popping by my blog, I am so glad you did because I have now found your wonderful one. Take care. Chel

Chatty Crone said...

Hello - I am so sorry about your fireplace fire. Fires scare me. I love all the colors in your blog - it cheers me up and makes me happy!

SizzleandZoom said...

Fiona, Beautiful photos! I haven't any green but I so enjoy visiting the green posts.

Natalia Glazacheva said...

Lovely post, Fiona! Ooh, what a sweet basket with flowers :0) All your pictures are so spring-like :0) Love your mug as well. And here in Moscow we still have a lot of snow.
Hugs and kisses

Eileen said...

Your hanging baskets are lovely! So sorry to hear about your chimney fire ~ I'm sure that must have been frightening. We have a couple of old chimneys that we were going to have taken out of the roof and lo and behold we discovered one of them was being used to vent the heater! I've owned this house forever and had no idea. What a mess that would have been if we hadn't discovered it before we did anything! Old houses are full of surprises. lol

Ashling said...

Major bummer on the chimney! Glad no one was hurt; hopefully the repairs won't take too long.

Ah, such beautiful photos. If someone told me I could visit only one place, and never travel anywhere else, it would be Ireland in a heartbeat....

oldthings said...

Dear Fiona , I hope that your chimney
fire is not so serious .Your lovely daffodils are so wonderful ! I loved them and I have a lot of them !
Have a nice week !

wendy said...

Hanging baskets with, what I wouldn't give for some of that beauty right now.
Loved the pictures of your walk !!! So beautiful and green.
All we have here is snow snow snow.
so sorry to hear about the chimney fire..that must have been scary indeed.

Yamada Miyako said...

Dearest Fiona,
So sorry for my belated moment(^^;)
I loved to see your beautiful hanging baskets♡♡♡ And I DO wish to have the splendid nature for the strolling; wonderful to have a walk with family, isn't it♬♬♬ 
I DO appreciate you for your effort hosting and commenting, my dear friend☆☆☆
I'll be linking this Friday♡♡♡ 

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Busy Little Chicken said...

Sorry about the chimney fire, hope it doesn't take too long to repair! I missed out on Greenday Friday, have had soo much to do just lately! Think I need a pretty cup like yours to have a cuppa in, bet it makes it taste better somehow!! :)

flowers on my table said...

Hello Fiona, many thanks for your lovely remarks on my blog, you are kind! It is very cold here to, but we have had a few days of sunshine which is fantastic to see. Much love Linda x

geetlee said...

Hi Fiona,
Sorry to hear about your chimney fire.. Gosh that sounds scary!
Beautiful photographs of your walk.
Hope you are well otherwise

SweetMarie said...

Your post has such beautiful colors, especially green! My son's favorite color is green. :)
It sounds like you are keeping busy and enjoying your family. What a beautiful walk that must have been. :) Happy days to you and yours!

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