Friday, 6 July 2012

{Green Day 3}

It's that time of the week again!

The object of the link up
is to post a photograph of something green.
The photos can be of anything you like
once they have a green theme,
green fields, pretty green things, green clothes,
green leaves, green foods,
anything at all that takes your fancy!
I hope that you will join in the fun.

the boring bit...

1.   Please do not post anything that may be deemed offensive to others.
2.   Only post material that belongs to you.
3.   Please link back to Raindrops and Daisies
4.   Link directly to your Green Day post and not to the url of your blog
5.   Please visit some of the other participants and leave a comment

Looking forward to seeing all your lovely photos
 and I hope to share some of them
 on the Raindrops and Daisies Facebook page during the week too.


Cloudy said...

Ich bin wieder gerne dabei...

Lieben Gruß und sonnigen Tag

stardust said...

I realized you have such a nice meme “Green Day” just now. Right now I don’t have something related to the theme, but I’ll keep Friday in mind.


Vores have said...

Hallo. Thank you for making me aware that my link was in Green Day 3 I do not have it your challenge sooner than today, so I'm brand new here. Wishing you a good weekend. Hanne Bente

My Little Home and Garden said...

Happy Green Day, Fiona!

TexWisGirl said...

thank you for hosting, dear fiona. and your kind comment on my post today. :)

E. said...

Hi Fiona! Thanks for another Green Day!
Did you enjoy The Help the other day?
Have a nice weekend!

Unknown said...

Great idea, thanks for letting me know....added the minty nails :o) xx

Unknown said...

ps. raining here!

Clara said...

Hi Fiona!
It is still very hot here. I try to stay in doors as much as possible. I didn't know you had a linky party and I love green. I'll have to come up with something for next time since my post is pink today. Have a great weekend.

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Happy green day Fiona. I will link up later.

oldthings said...

Hello Fiona
Thanks for your visit. I am the youngest follower. If I could I would send all over the blue sky, the bright sun around the world. I am glad that we have communication. Have a nice weekend !

oldthings said...

I can't see the 90 follower in my side bar ! Why ?

Leovi said...

Fiona thank you very much, I like your Green Day.

oldthings said...

Thank you .Just now you arrived ! Thank you !


Everything there must be lush and lovely from the rain. No green here. Grass is brown. Temp was 102 in the shade today. take care.

andrea@townandprairie said...

Thank you for hosting, Fiona! Green Day is such a unique idea for a party.

Anne said...

Happy Green Day Fiona. Thanks for hosting Green Day 3. I linked up to your party. Have a nice weekend!

BlueShell said...

LOVELY entry...I'm going to try to share some "green" photos, okay?

BlueShell said...

I did it, I did it!!!!
Thaknyou Fiona!
Hugs from Portugal

Isabel, aka,

Magia da Inês said...


♡ Bom fim de semana!

Linda said...

Lots of greens in my post today ... leaves, hosepipe, garden sign.
Have a great day, hope the sun shines soon.

Marie said...

Your header is beautiful!!! I hope your daughter's heart is better. :)

And said...

Green is such a great colour!

Have a Beautiful green day :)


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