Friday, 12 October 2012

all kinds of everything...

Good morning friends,
it's Friday and so welcome to another Green Day

It is so long since I blogged that I really don't know what to say 
or where to start....

 My Mum is a lot better now and thank you all for all of your good wishes,
she is on the mend and happy and smiling again which is great!

The farmers have finished their harvest and so the animals have 
returned to the fields. 
This beauty and his friends are in the field at the back of our house.  
It is lovely to see them run up and down
Isn't he a handsome fellow?
The weather here has been a mixture of sunshine and showers 
along with some early morning frosts.
but wow we have had some wonderful autumn sunshine too!
 I went shopping the other day and bought a lovely black and white dress in Penneys 
it will certainly suit the cooler weather.

I can put a black or white top underneath,
 wear it on it's own or with a fine knit polo when it really gets cold.

It looks great with black tights and heels or  with my black boots.
 I was delighted to find that it only cost €25 so happy days!

 My patio is still looking pretty, 
 I have planted up a few new pots and so hopefully will have colour throughout autumn/winter

On a very wet day I heard a loud crash, hmmm....
I wonder who broke my terracotta pot when racing by.....

 I made a cake the other day and was hoping to post the recipe and some photos,
 but by the time I got to taking the pics
 most of the cake had been demolished by 
the 3 hungry men of the house, 
these are the only pics I got!!!

Next time I make it I will try and be quicker with the camera 
and hopefully get to share the lovely recipe!

While I was driving home from work the other day I stopped to take this photo.

 I don't think anyone saw me (I hope not)
 as they would think I was bonkers stopping the car to take a photo of a sheep
but you know that I do believe a lot of us bloggers are  bit bonkers 
as most of us will seize any opportunity 
to take a photo...

so what do you think
 are we all a bit mad???
ps the red on his back is the local farmer's marking
so as to distinguish him from other flocks in the area.

have a lovely happy week full of
 sunshine, smiles and lovely things 


Green Day

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Mary said...

Thank you for the nice to see you here, less family busy for now, huh? It take some time to skip about in blog land. I love you post.

Emille said...

Just give your time to get settle into blogland:) What a relief that your mother is much better! Your ability to take pics surely hasn't suffered!

Lucinha said...


Feliz em saber que sua mãe se recuperou e que tudo está voltando ao normal na família.
O cavalo é realmente lindo.
Gosto muito do seu jardim e de seus vasos floridos.
Um lindo e abençoado final de semana. Abraços

Ailime said...

Não sabia que sua mãe não estava bem. Fico feliz em saber que está a recuperar. Lindíssimo o seu cavalo!
Todas as fotos que partilhou estão belíssimas!
Tenha um um fim-de-semana bem alegre e descansado.

eileeninmd said...

Hello Fiona, lovely series of photos. The horse is pretty and I love your dog and the sheep. The red on the sheep's back does look odd, I am glad you explained. Your flowers are all gorgeous. The dress is a great buy, I love it. I am so happy your MOM is doing better! Have a great weekend!

✿ chica said...

Oi,Fiona!Muito lindas tuas fotos, adorei saber que tua mãe está bem melhor e que tudo está bem por aí! beijos,lindo fim de semana,chica

Ellie said...

Hi Fiona, it's nice to see you back in blogland again :)
I'm so glad to hear your mum is feeling a lot better and smiling again - it is hard to see whose we love suffering and in pain isn't it?
Your pictures are great - I love your horse he is handsome, and your poor guilty looking pooch.
It's always nice to get a bargain - your dress looks ideal and really nice.
I hope your mum continues to be pain free - and smiling :))

Cloudy said...

Liebe Grüße aus dem Regenwald...:-)


Betty said...

What a lovely post full of all sorts of interesting bits and pieces. Love your flowers, especially the beautiful cyclamen.
Really like that dress, so versatile. Gives you a lift when you find something nice like that at a good price.
I'm really pleased to know that your Mum is much better and that you are back to feeling like posting.
Have a great day and a wonderful week-end.
From Betty in a chilly Melbourne!

Jacquelineand.... said...

So glad to see you back and to read that your Mum is doing better! Your flowers are lovely, I only wish I could keep flowers growing outside year-round here; it gets far too cold for them to survive.

a breath of fresh air said...

Yep Fiona we are all bonkers :-)
I took a similiar picture last year of a sheep the dye was a yellowy gold colour.
Hmmm can empathise with the broken pots have a 4 month old pup that races about here.

Tangled Sweetpea said...

I think you have to be totally bonkers to blog :) gorgeous photos Fiona. Glad your mum is on the mend.
Victoria xx

andrea@townandprairie said...

Good morning, Fiona! Hope you have been well! Your photos of the pony and fields are beautiful. Happy Friday!

Sandra said...

I love your horse's head shot and the morning frost! Your autumn patio is looking lovely! The only thing I've planted so far is heather, but it's looking pretty and I can see it from the living-room.
Have a beautiful weekend. Sandra

Jill said...

So many beautiful photos today! Love your dress. I can just picture you in it looking stunning. You flowers are amazing. Sorry about your broken pot though. Thanks for explaining the red on the sheep. I had no idea they did that but it makes sense! Glad to hear good news of your Mom too!

Have a great weekend! *HUGS*

EG CameraGirl said...

Your Japanese anemones are still very pretty! I;m a tad jealous. :)) Great choice, your new dress.

EM Illustrator said...

Hi Fiona, I am delighted to hear that your mother is on the mend. Such beautiful surroundings you have there, and the horse is very handsome. Enjoying a day off today and has been out on a nice walk. That dress is lovely =) Enjoy the rest of your day my friend.

Eva x

Sofia said...

What a fanatstic terrace you have with all those blooming flowers! Still in October!!

Bia Hain said...

Fiona, que fotos belíssimas. A paisagem do lugar onde mora é simplesmente magnífica. Sem dúvida o clique da ovelha foi ótima partilha conosco. Melhoras para sua mãe...Cavalos são lindos símbolos de força e dignidade. Um abraço, ótima semana!

Giga said...

To wspaniale, że Mama czuję się już lepiej. Na patio masz pięknie i kolorowo i nawet motylek to zauważył. Sukienka jest bardzo ładne, lubię taki wzór. U nas pogoda podobna, a dzisiaj rano był mróz. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
It's great that Mom, I feel better now. On the patio you have a beautiful and colorful butterfly and even noticed it. The dress is very nice, I like the pattern. We like the weather, and this morning was cold. Regards warm.

Lynne said...

I always love seeing "Miss Raindrops and Daisies Fiona" come across from Irish land! Loved your "all kinds of everything" and your flowers gathered up for winter are so pretty! The final sheep photo is the best kind of quick stop in the car photo. Looks like he was just fine having his picture taken!

Great to hear your mom is feeling better . . .

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

Glad to see you,Fiona. Your photos are beautiful...I really like the horse. I'm glad your Mum is better. I'll try to link up next week.

TexWisGirl said...

i am glad your mom is better. it is good to get an update from you. i like your 'neigh'bor very much. :)

Furry Bottoms said...

I need to know the name of that particular flower in one of your photos! It kinda looks daisy-ish, is pink and yellow with white edges. They are so pretty!!

Fiona said...

Hi Furry Bottoms
it is a polyanthus (hope the spelling is correct)
they are hardy and last all through the winter.
x Fiona

joanne said...

every photo is a have a wonderful eye for beauty and detail....

Crafty Gardener said...

It's good to hear you mom is much better.It is very hard to pass up a photo opportunity. It is getting quite chilly here, today it is only 6 Celsius with a north wind which makes it feel that much colder. But the sun is shining which makes it nice.

DIMI said...

Hallo Fiona!Im so happy that your Mum is geting better!Your photos are beautiful!And your flowers looks so nice!Thank you for your sweet comment!Have a lovely weekend!

Terri Buster said...

Lovely flowers Fiona! Glad your mom is doing better- that is good news.

Anne said...

Delighted your mum is better Fiona ... always a worry when they get sick! Gorgeous photos too, that last one was definitely worth stopping for! Enjoy your weekend:)
~Anne xx

thisisme said...

Hi Fiona. What a lovely, chatty post for us today. A little bit of everything! So pleased that your mum is getting better. I hope she will soon be back to good health again. You are quite right, of course, we bloggers are completely bonkers, especially when it comes to taking photos! I'm always on the look out for a good photo opportunity! Your patio is certainly still looking lovely, and aren't the horses gorgeous. We have them in the fields right next to our garden now as well. Oh yes, the dress! It's gorgeous and you will be able to wear it in so many different ways. Enjoy your weekend my friend x

Claudia Moser said...

Love your Green Day movement, such nice collection of pictures here and in the other posts!

Busy Little Chicken said...

Lovely pictures, what a beautiful area you live in!! :)

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wonderful post ~ filled with wonderfully creative photos ~ love the sheep and your dress is very elegant ~ (A Creative Harbor)

thanks for coming by and commenting ^_^

Maria Gagliano said...

What beautiful photos. Love the horse shot. Can see right into those big beautiful eyes

Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona,

I am glad your mother is doing better. I really enjoyed your photos today! I am in love with your patio (but I'm sure you already know, as I always mention how much I love it)

I wondered what the red spot was on his back, at first, I thought he might be injured.
Have a good weekend my friend,

Lisa said...

I love your pictures, Fiona. The horse reminds me of "War Horse", a beautiful but painful movie to watch. And the sheep - so much red! God bless!

lenalima said...

Ui levei um susto , pensei que era sangue ...kkkk na ovelha!
Que cavalo mais lindoooo!
as plantas eu adoro!
boa semana!! bj

AmitAag said...

Lovely pics and a splendid blog!
I'm participating from India in this fabulous meme on 'Green' hosted by you.
Please find me here:
Am following you too!
Thanks a lot:)

Love Bears All Things said...

Good morning, Lovely Fiona
It would seem we are having much the same lovely to have a pasture and horses out back to look at....and that patio, I love all the color and the sandy friend who happened by...Thanks for continuing to host this weekly hop. I am enjoying seeing the outdoors in so many countries....the lovely comments from visitors are appreciated, also.
Mama Bear

Love Bears All Things said...

Oh, and I wanted to say: a red jacket and shoes would look so lovely with that being my favorite color.
Mama Bear

inge said...

What gorgeous flowers it is lovely to have some colour this time of year

CameraCruise said...

Great post, Fiona!
Beautiful photos, I especially love the horse.
Love the dress you bought.
Wish you a wonderful weekend.

Evi @ sexta-feira said...

That's a great update Fiona! I'm glad everything is well with you. You're so right about crazy bloggers trying to capture every moment! Love each and every picture of yours today and I'm sad I didn't take a good green one myself to take part in Green Day!
Enjoy the weekend! :)

Magia da Inês said...


Olá, amiga!
Fico feliz porque sua mãe está bem.
O que mais gostei foi dos seus vasos floridos.
Você tem uma grande diversidade de flores.

Bom fim de semana!

Little Dotty Bird said...

What a cheerful post! Your garden looks beautiful...its how I'd like mine to look but my efforts have fallen a little short in the gardening department lately! I'm on a sewing crafting mission! Glad your ma is on the mend. Take care lovely, Lisa x

oldthings said...

A lovely garden full of flowers !Your new dress is wonderful !
I am so glad that all of you are well !
Have a nice weekend !

Leovi said...

Beautiful color, pure autumn. Excellent photos. Greetings.

Crafty in the Med said...

Lovely Lovely photos Fiona
Fancy having that handsome chap at the bottom of your garden. You do keep good company.
I do so love that photo of your patio,such a variety of colours....and the that just decor or do you really light it?
Very glad to hear your Mother is getting better and hope she will be fully recovered soon.
I know all about strange photos my hubby is gradually getting used to my photo particular one is an obsession for doors....think I need to do a post on that....hey ho!!!

Many thanks for your comments on my latest post. Keep well now

Amanda :-)

SizzleandZoom said...

Drop dead beautiful photo of the butterfly. I've been trying
for years to catch a photo like that. Have no green for today.
But come over and see all the fall orange.

Linda said...

Nice set of photos! Love the horse and the flowers!

GardenofDaisies said...

I would love to have a view of farm fields out my back door. You are so lucky! I had to chuckle when I saw the picture of your potted plants. My husband says I have too many, but I think I have about as much as you, and I think it's just right. So anyway, I will show him your photo to prove that other people are just as plant crazy as I am. :-)

orchid said...

Dearest Fiona,
I got busy right after I posted and I am just trying to catch up for friends, haha. Wonderful pictures of variety of things, if I must say LOVED the beautiful butterfly♡♡♡ Thank you very much for hosting;

Sending you lots of love and hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear your Mum is better.
What gorgeous photos you have shared. Your Autumn flowers are so colorful.
Have a good week, Fiona.

me (maria) said...

Very nice post Fiona...the photos are beautiful!!!
I like your dress!
And I am glad to hear your mum is better...
Have a very good week!!

In My Wild Eden said...

Wow! your flowers are so beautiful! I love your picture of the horse. He is amazing. it was nice to catch up with you. I haven't been around as much and I have missed you.

Furry Bottoms said...

Yes, thats a very handsome horse and that dress is cute and all your flowers are pretty. I have a feeling I already commented here but I am not sure. Hope you had a great weekend!

Daphne Bryson said...

Hello Fiona, Glad to see you are up and running again and that you mum is feeling so much better. You still have a lot of colour in your garden which is lovely to see this time of year. I'm not doing too badly, but not for much longer as the weather is turning quite cold. I had to laugh at your photo of the cake you baked, I have the same problem in this house, it's not three healthy males, only one that tries to eat my cakes before the photos are taken. Have a great week. Take care, Daphne

Leslie said...

beautiful photos!! everything is so pretty.

Natalia Glazacheva said...

Hi, Fiona! Beautiful pics :))) I do love your lovely garden and I just wonder how you grow your plants. They look absolutely happy :o) Please tell me your secret ;o) And so sweet to hear about hungry mens that terminated your cake :o)
Happy week to you

Emilie's daughter said...

What a great post - full of life! I know what hungry men are like... I think it is the same all over the world! Talking about taking photos: Whenever I see a woman taking pnotos of odd things I wonder "is she a blogger?"... Christa

DIMI said...

Hi Fiona! Glad to see that you mum is feeling so much better. You still have a lot of colour in your garden which is lovely to see this time of year!Nice dress!Have a lovely week dear!

demie said...

THanks for sharing those beautiful photos Fiona! Glad to read your mom is doing well : )

lots of love from Norway

Chloe G said...

Hi Fiona, I haven't been Green Daying for ages, I'm sorry! I'll be back soon x Glad to hear your mum's better and I probably would have taken that photo of the sheep too - it looks very happy munching away there :-) Hopefully see you next Friday....

Gary said...

Beautiful series!! Love the horse. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Susan said...

My heart went pitter patter when I saw the photo of the horse! You have some gorgeous photos. I came over from visting the Charm of Home.

flowers on my table said...

Hi Fiona, glad to hear that your mum is feeling better. I like your new dress, it's a bit 60's,which is lovely.I hope you can get hold of Landlove magazine it really is lovely, and the sort of mag you can hold on to and look at the lovely images. There are recipes and good flower arranging ideas too.
Thank you for your kind words, it is good to be back. Much love to you, Linda x

miss b said...

What a lovely collection of photos - so much colour! We are also having autumn sunshine. I'm sure your dress will be a great addition to your wardrobe. Thanks for your visit and comment.

Lisa said...

Fiona - I'm very *very* sorry you lost your kitty! I will miss seeing her picture here. God rest her little soul.

Renae said...

What a gorgeous horse. Oh my! These photos are all so amazing. See you next week for Green Day (sorry not this time but for sure next week)!

Mike said...

I'm really happy your mom is doing better. That picture you took of the butterfly is beautiful. Butterflies are always fun to watch fly around.

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